Sunday, 4 September 2011

My LAST TWO LookBook Entries!

I always forget that I need to blog about my posts on
I usually get around 18-35 emails or private messages on style tips or where I get these thrift finds or any advice on how to come up with something FABULOUS even if it's a bargain. LOL
Apologies. :(

Okay for starters, again, the reason for failing not to post blogs about my looks.
1) I'm always at a party.
2) If I'm at home, I'm usually working on something 
(one that pays good amount of money).
3) I'm babysitting my four cute little girls and one nephew.
4) I sleep to make-up for the stress! 
(That explains the good skin. LOL 
To those asking what my beauty regimens are. 
That's one of my secrets. LOL)

This shot was just spur of the moment. 
We're supposed to have a photo taken with this outfit inside the mall, 
and not on the parking lot. 
But it occured to me that a photo in the parking lot is a 
tab bit FABULOUS and dramatic than inside the mall. 
And considering all the people who will be looking at you while your photos are taken. LOL This was a fun time too. 
Me and my friends had dinner in Chocolatier and 
had coffee in Green Coffee which I already blogged months ago.

Top: Crisp white, Chinese collared button down shirt from Maldita. I super love this shirt. It's simple, elegant and pairs with anything you have in your closet. I usually wear this without the scarf on but I played around with it tried on the scarf. And it worked. I think it balances of the simplicity of the shirt. FYI: This is the first time I wore this with the scarf.

Scarf: Giordano. This was just a gift from a friend who is now based in Singapore. I love this a lot but I haven't worn this not until the moment this photo was taken. My 6 year old niece, always borrow this from me. She loves to accessorized too. 

Same distressed demin shorts. Same white Chucks from Converse. And same leather tote from Mango.

I was asked that I party a lot.
 I received a lot of comments and messages that I'm such a party whore. 
I mean, why wouldn't I? LOL
This post was kinda fun for me coz', as you can see. 
I'm partying again. To start of SEPTEMBER fabulously!
It's not like that is something new. Right?! 
SHIRT: OMG! This was my exe's shirt. I mean, can you believe it?! LOL
Anyways, there is not much to say about it except that it's my exe's shirt. And the logo/tag of the back was already ripped coz' he (my ex) finds  that thing to be kinda itchy on the skin and it sort of bothers him a lot so he removed it.
What I love about this shirt though is that it goes well with the whole outfit. Don't you think so?

PANTS: After college, I buy my own clothes. LOL And part of that deal was, both my parents won't be taking part in shopping for me. LOL So bought this not so expensive jeans which flatters my body type. It's a skinny fit jeans from Lee. I bought it on sale. Good bargain. Love it!

I'm wearing the same loafers. Carrying the same vintage bag in brown coz' I wanna contrast it with the black ensemble.

So that's all folks.
And don't forget to hype my looks.


I'm running out ideas on my next LOOKBOOK post.
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