Sunday, 18 December 2011


Let us HELP Sendong victims!

According to reports, Sendong update as of 12nn, 12/19/2011: 632 dead, 16 injured, 82 missing & 432 rescued. ☹ (@News5AKSYON)

This is the biggest typhoon disaster to hit the country in the last 12 years. Even bigger damage than that of Undoy few years back.

Here are some of the info on how to help the victims.

For users of local cellular network providers, here's how to donate to Philippines Red Cross via text. Text RED <10, 25, 50, 100> to 4143 for Smart. RED <10, 25, 50, 100 300> to 2899 for Globe.

Other parts of the world can donate too thru bank to bank money transfers using these bank accounts. Donations can be channeled thru De La Salle Phils - DBP Account name: La Salle Academy Account# 0820-016221-030; BPI Account: La Salle Academy Account #: 9353-0377-62. (@harold_geronimo)

Red Cross needs volunteers for info contact Ramil at 09269023726 or 09177221874 (@FashionRampage)

Other info: To find out how to help those displaced by Typhoon Sendong, please visit  It's time for everyone to help. (@MsLeaSalonga)

Xavier University of CDO, a Jesuit university also accepts donations. Here's the info: Xavier Universary Account. for Sendong victims is BPI; SWIFT, BOPIPHMM; Routing CH005873; Divisoria Brnch; Act. No: 9331 0133 63. (@joeltaborasj)

LBC, the leading courier company in the country also pledged to help w/ free shipping charges on every donated items. It accepts in all of branches in KSA, UAE, Singapore, HK, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, UK, Spain & Italy.(@LBC_Foundation)

Thoughts & prayers for the victims of the typhoon in Iligan & CDO. LBC branch in Lucky Plaza is accepting donations via @LBC_Foundation. (“@PFC_SG)

PNB Peso Account name:ABS-CBN Foundation In-Sagip Kapamilya Account Number: 419-539-5000-13 Swift Code:PNBMPHMM (@sharielzoe)

GMA Kapuso Foundation (@gmakf) appeals for donations for Sendong victims. Details here:  (@gmanews)

Habitat Philippines: Help families left homeless by typhoon Sendong. Send donations to BPI CA 2421-0014-67 & fax your deposit slip (02)8565389. (@HabitatPhils)

Unicef Philippines: Help children affected by Tropical Storm #Sendong NOW: (@unicefphils)

Here's more. Check on this link too:

Thank you so much.


*all above info are collated from Tweet messages. To check other agencies that accepts donations, search Sendong w/ hashtag. Thank you!

---W A R N I N G!---
Some of the photos are really graphic.

These are some of the stills that were taken during the aftermath of the Typhoon Sendong.
God bless the souls of all the victims.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Finally! After so much planning and checking on all merchandise and photoshoots! THRIFTED COUTURE is now open for business!

HERE are some of my items up for grabs, fairly priced yet FABULOUSLY GLAMOROUS pieces! 

All items are hand-picked and tastefully styled as to what options you can have in any way you wanna wear them! Yay!

ENJOY SHOPPING! Click on the link for details on every outfit!

Those are just some of the items in the first collections.  Some are slightly used and some are brand new. I picked styles that have vintage/timeless feel on each.

Don't forget to visit: for more shopping options.

Like Thrifted Couture too on Facebook:

And follow Thrifted Couture on Twitter:!/ThriftedCouture


What Went Wrong?

Lastnight, as I was going through my usual routine before going to sleep. Washed faced, toned & moisturized. Then went to bed, tweeting to people, answering email, text and lastly, playing all MATCH THREE games you can think of. Just to help me put to sleep. Believe me, counting sheeps is so last decade!

Then just about I was to end and retire for the night, as my eyes are already burning from playing too much. I got a notification from Apple that there's a new iOs 5.01 something.

Anyways, I right away pressed Okay. Waited for almost ten minutes but then I got too sleepy for it so I went on to attend to my biological need to just sleep. Then after 7-8hours or so, i woke up so excited that my iPhone was updated. VIOLA! It prompted me to connect it w/ iTunes. I mean, the icon/photo that appeared on the screen are iTunes & usb cable with instructions that both has to be connected.

I got so worried. And my hunches were correct.

None of my files were retrieved! I'm doomed! All the contacts and all my favorite mobile photos all gone. Down the drain w/ nothing but zero, nada, back-up files.

I am just so devastated. Remember that episode where Carrie Bradshaw's laptop crashed and she failed to back-up all her documents? That was me. Exact situation.

I am just so SAD! :((

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hollywood Halloween 2011

One of the most anticipated dates in a yearly calender besides the TAX FILING date deadline is the HALLOWEEN! Parties here, there and everywhere; left and right during that season. And we all want to party for the reason that we can fulfil a once a year fantasy by dressing up really weird and fun w/o being arrested by the fashion police. Unfortunately for me, wasn't able to attend to parties coz' I'm nursing a sick and EPIC aching molar. :( Failed to attend the yearly Leather and Lace Soiree. It's an event that helps promote HIV/AIDS awareness. 

Anyways, while I was staying in. I've been scanning to a lot of photos of Hollywood celebrities and their HALLOWEEN costumes. Hmmp. Kinda inspired more me on what look I will be sporting on next year's Halloween.

So here are some of my favorite costumes!
The Incredibles: Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon w/ #dembabies, Roc & Roe.
Gwen Stefani's fairy tale come true ensemble, as Cinderella!
The royal couple, Matt Lauer and Ann Curry as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford in their 80's frocks! LOVE IT!
British import, Kate Beckinsale & hubby as the bride of Frankenstein & Frankenstein!
Fergie as a child pageant beauty queen. SWEET!
Ciara as STORM! FIERCE!! :D Love it!
POWER COUPLE: Heid Klum & SEAL! Futuristic, as a cadaver and APE LOVERS!
The commitment to look the part. I LOVE THEM! :D
Kim K before the divorce announcement! She partied solo in both events.
Loving the Poison Ivy. Totally alluring.
Kelly Rippa & Nick Lachey's parody of Kim K & Kris Humpries. 
Fairy tale gone sour. HAHA

And here's my look in the past Halloween event I attended. Yay!
I dressed as a fairy godmother. LOL

So there you have it! Halloween is really the one time we all can get crazy and not minding if we look FAB or fashion roadkill. LOL


What's you favorite Halloween movie?

Sunday, 30 October 2011

I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself!! (REPOST)

Introduction: Just so you know, this is just a repost from my blog in Friendster years ago! So there's no need for that "you need a shoulder to cry on" comment! LOL I just wanna share this post so you'd know what it'd be like in a state where you are just STUPID & CRAZY in LOVE and get HURT! LOL


Listening to some sad and mellow songs makes you think how these songwriters were able to create such good music. I mean, were all their experiences that bad that writing these songs were so poetic and flawless that they really captured same sentiments of the ones hearing them?

Most often that not, people would refer to pain as something that is instrumental for them to become strong at the end of every journey. In fact, they become inspiration to why songs written are very powerful that they really hit you big in your gut. And it is through these songs why we love so much to relate to them as we try to find answers on "why me". Then we rationalize – I could’ve, would’ve and should’ve done this or that. But at the end of the day, there are no more answers and you have cried a river.

I for one is a perfect example of that. I am currently listening to Bacharach’s "I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself," also to Lea Salonga’s rendition of Odette Quesada’s "I Need You Back," to Sade’s "By Your Side."

All these songs and more, which I think now sums up why I am listening to them. It’s not because I’m sad it’s just that these songs help me get through everyday now that I’m alone. (You know what I mean!) Also, I or we all, for that matter, listen to sad songs because it gives us an inspiration or answers to why we sink ourselves in pain so to later realize that there’s more to life than agony.

After writing this, I am so over pain and all that shit. But I still listen to sad and mellow songs. Just for the nostalgia of it!


This entry was posted on Thursday, October 25th, 2007 at 7:21am and is filed under The Diary of Noeh A. Jani in my Friendster account. I wrote this blog in response to the falling out I had with ___________. Don't have to name names here coz' their partners at the moment might kill them LOL

By the way, who among here are into JERKS? Why is that all the time, we always attract JERKS? LOL And we did not even ask for  it!! They just show up unexpectedly while us, unguardedly become gaga over them. Which leads me to conclusion, AM I A JERK as well? LOL Just kidding!

Forget all animosity and Spread LOVE, DOLLs! :D


Wanna share to you this song, Hold On from Wilson Phillips.
Havin' the worst LSS (last song syndrome) but in a good way.
Have you seen The Bridesmaid? Really funny movie. A you'll know why I have this case of LSS. Enjoy

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Nothing breaks my heart more than anything in this world but children who are in desperate need of LOVE.

Today is a very sad but a fulfilling day for both me & my good friend, Yves who is celebrating her pre-birthday soiree with children who are orphans in this side of the world. The group's minister, refused to be named as they want no attention or whatsoever to his orphanage because it is a private institution that is funded by several businessmen in the city.

As we were preparing the kids before the party formally started. I personally couldn't help but start to be a little teary knowing that these children are abandoned or w/ parents that died and several other heart breaking stories that led to their present situation.

I always have a soft spot for little children who are in pain. Im a frustrated wannabe mom, that explains how close I am to my nieces & nephew. So wannabe-mom that I border this "mommyger" or stage mom to their every school performance. So, I want nothing more but only the best for the kids coz' they deserve all the LOVE & attention. And to see innocent lives being taken away with the most essential relationship that would nurture them for the rest of their lives especially their childhood, totally sad & heart breaking.

However, sad as it may seem. We are so blessed that we were able to share a little something to these kids. When I learned about this plan months ago, that Yves is organizing a little party for underprivileged kids. I right away volunteered to join. And a lot of our friends also pitched in by sharing what they have financially.

It was a successful party for these kids. To see a lot of genuine smiles you know that have warmed their hearts in a way coz we made them feel wanted. And I know that is something big to them. And in our own little way, we have shared a little of what we have too.

At the end of the party, we were so happy to have helped these unwanted & abandoned kids. It's those little moments in our blessed life & as we grow older, we don't need anymore any of those WILD COLORFUL soirees with boozes that makes you forget the night of your party. We want a party that is as meaning as having to share your blessings with these kind of people. And it's a differend kind of happiness, fulfillment & satisfaction when you are able to help such group of people.

For sure, this is not only the beginning. But just a start.

With that, I want to thank Yves for taking me here to Mati City and letting me experience it all. LOVES it! Happy birthday, Mama!


Excited for our island hopping tomorrow!
Will take lots & lots of photos!
(Pardon the photos in this post as all of which are taken using my phone. Im making this blog entry and the one before this using my iphone. Just so happy Im able to do it with this new Blogger app. LOVES it! So convenient & easy!)

Friday, 21 October 2011

Miss Piggy For MAC Cosmetics

Hey DOLLs!

One of my fave characters in The Muppet Show is Miss Piggy. Why? Because she's a DIVA and nothing like her in Hollywood history has matched such charisma, attitude, glamour and fabulous lifestyle. She is undeniably the best in the industry.

Back then, as a kid, I wanted to be like her. I mean, she knows how to work it. And I LOVE LOVE her just like Kermit do. Oh, she's such a darlin'! Not only Kermit, but the whole world is captivated by her.

What's good about it now is that, I can emulate her winning looks because MAC has commisioned her to create a line based on her timeless DIVA pegs. Three MAC products dedicated to her signature, traffic stopping looks. And I can't wait to get my hands on this line of MAC MU. All available now. LOVE IT!

Here's THE MISS PIGGY For MAC Make-up Line.
1.Piggy-pink cheeks
2.Marc Jacobs-wooing eyelashes
3. Liquid liner


I think that blush totally complements my tone. #excited

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Versace for H&M

What comes to mind if you hear VERSACE?
What comes to mind if you hear H&M?
Fabulous fashion at a great price.

For years, H&M has been a constant forefront in fashion for everyday people. The company has made fashion readily available for the masses. With collaborations starting from Karl Lagerfeld in 2004 to Stella McCartney in 2005, the avant-garde duo Viktor & Rolf in 2006.  From Madonna (2007) to Kylie Minogue. Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, Matthew Williamson, Sonia Rykiel to Comme des Garcons (2008).  And just last year, Lanvin, a French fashion house was its guest designer.

Currently, Versace is its featured designer to collaborate for H&M.  The press site went live earlier today, showcasing its entire collection in all of its flashy, gold-studded glory. Plenty of pink, gold detailing & palm tree patterns. All of it, The House of Versace is known for. Accessories, purses and scarves also speaks of the Versace's excessive lifestyle brand and opulence that we all love and adore. 

Here it is! 
The Vercase for H&M collection! 




There you have it! Fun pieces, right?
Can't wait for this to hit stores!


Photo credits: H&M
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