Thursday, 28 July 2011

Manic Monday!!

My seventh LookBook post! Yay! :D

I can't believe it. I just realized that I am wearing all Japanese goods. :D


Button Down by AnQuiet
This pinstripe, turtle neck, 3/4 sleeved with oversized garter flap 
on the waist is one of my favorite shirts I have. 
The detailing is just unique and I love the fact that the stripes is vertical. Again, it creates an illusion that I'm thinner. LOL 
I bought this shirt in a second-shop (Ukay2x) for a dollar. 
That's a pure bargain and money saving purchase for me. LOL
I've had this shirt close to three years already and 
I've worn it on several occasions in different ways. :D

Distress denim shorts
Another Ukay2x find. This is prolly one of the best bargains I've had. I love wearing this shorts coz' the detail with this one is just amazing. I can pair this to everything I have in my closet. Basic tee, button downs, dressy shirts and everything imaginable. This too is a Japanese brand. 

Shoes by Haruta
Haruta is a Japanese brand of shoes that makes the same style of shoes over and over again with an unmatched quality and durability. 
I have a pair like these when I was in my elementary years. 
Back then, I never appreciated the style coz' all I ever wanted to wear were Nike's. Reasons: playing/running. LOL 
Now that I'm older and able to appreciate the beauty and why one has to sacrifice comfort for aesthetic reasons. 
This was bought in one of the local bazaars here and was so happy to buy a pair of my size. 

Laptop sleeves by FashionMonster
This is a custom made, faux zebra print gadget holder. This brand (owned by my BFF freaks) creates lots of fun designs that are both functional and trendy. Always updated when it comes to the latest trends. This particular laptop sleeve is padded with thick cushion that it protects your gadget very well. 
Love it!
Visit their site for more styles! 

Same Geeky Skull Wayferers and 21Men Fedora. Weeee!
The shot that didn't make it to LookBook...
That's my Manic Monday post in 
It was a fun Monday workday for me lastweek at TBY Gen Enterprise 
with my bff, Yen a.k.a. Nita who takes most of my photos in my 
LookBook page. Again, thank you besss! Love it!

I am so happy I'm getting lots of *HYPES* Weeee! Love it guys. 


Here  is the music video of The Bangles with their song, "Manic Monday!" Love this song toooo. Makes you wanna dance... Have fun!!

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The STREET is my RUNWAY. . .

Yay! My sixth LookBook post! :D

This is all about casual but camera/paparazzi ready look. I'm sure y'all thinking the same thing too. LOL


Striped tee: Rebuplic Basic Tee
Bought this in Malaysia on a "buy one take one" scheme. LOL Again, my bestfriend Sash and I bought the shirt. I think we paid 25 rupees for the shirts. Cheap uh?! LOL Love it! It was a struggle between navy blue and combat green combo and then I had to go with my instincts. WHITE/RED it is!
Jacket from People are People
This is the first time I wore this jacket. Bought this two years ago on an impulse coz' I had lots of moolahs back then. LOL I think the combination of the shirt and the jacket is flawless. LOL Right?!

Shorts: Tag Jeans - DIY
Again, I love buying pieces of clothing that has a nice texture 
and nice detail on it. I specially love the stitching of this pair 
and the back pockets too. Although I have them altered to a smaller size (yup, I'm thin! LOL), but I specifically told my tailor to maintain the stitching 
(In which she copied the original pattern) and I love her so much coz' 
she did it flawlessly. Problem now is I've gained a little weight 
and a it's kinda tight fit right now. 

Shoes: Chucks.
My uber favorite white converse. Why? Because it's classic, trendy and again, one can never go wrong with a pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers.
Bag: Guesss. 
These are not man-bag. I just used this for the shoot. 
This are my friend's bag. The one who took my photo. 
I just used this coz' it goes well with my jacket.

My favortire, Geeky Skull Wayferer
Weeeeee! Always makes my face smaller. LOL 
That's why I use them all the time. LOL

As I always tell my friends, 
one should always be ready for anything on your way. 
Especially if there's a paparazzi snapping a photo of you 
while you do your day-to-day life.  LOL 
I mean, make every moment in your life an opportunity for fashion. 
To always look good despite stressful workday 
or having a crazy relationship with your partner. 
Never let anyone or any circumstance ruin your sense of fashion and style. Right? LOL 
(If you can just see me what I'm wearing while writing this blog! Yikes! LOL) LOL

So this is my RUNWAY for REAL! 


I took off the jacket post photo shoot. LOL

Here's the song I've played on repeat while making this post. 
I just love everything Gwen Stefani
She's my favorite Hollywood mom, artist, performer and FASHIONISTA. 
Always an inspiration to the kind of ensemble I put on all the time. 
Here's her What You Waiting For? video. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

SONA 2011 Red Carpet!

I have no knowledge or whatsoever about politics. 
And since that's the given predicament.  
This blog aims to focus on fashion and 
not the hooplas of the president's SONA. :D 

So here it is! The 2011 SONA Red Carpet....
Saranggani Rep. Manny Pacquiao in Paul Cabral and Jinkee in Martin Bautista
A simple black number adorned with a piña fiber shawl by Paul Cabral.

Color blocking for Sen. Pia Cayetano. Love it!

Always stunning and fabulous, Lucy Torres in a 
Randy Ortiz pale pink ensemble. Love it!

One can never go wrong in a Rajo Laurel dress. 
Looking every bit gorgeous, Cavite Rep. Lani Mercado.
Sen. Tito Sotto with wife, Helen Gamboa in a vintage chic, 
Maria Clara dress by Patis Tesoro.

Philippine President, Noynoy Aquino in a Paul Cabral barong Tagalog. 
Simple yet classy and elegant.
Former Akbayan Representative Risa Hontiveros in a modern day interpretation of a traditional Philippine terno.
Bayan Muna Party-list Representative Teddy Casiño pressed for the passage
of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill through a statement-making barong. 
More fashions.....

So who do you think wore the best Philippine Terno?


I love it if all our ladies wear Terno in all formal events. Makes us all looking royalty! Agree?!

*Photo credits:*

Kate's wedding dress - on display in Buckingham Palace!

One can only dream to see such magnificent and history at it's finest creation by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and worn by our new favorite royalty, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge. *Dreaming mode on*
The display at Buckingham Palace in London started last July 20, 2011. Buckingham Palace expects some 650,000 this summer  to visit Queen Elizabeth's London residence and takes a glimpse of the dress worn by Kate at her royal wedding to Prince William. The ivory and white couture, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, won over the fashion press and public when Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge and a future queen, walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey last April. 
British craftsmanship!  The detail of this dress is just jaw-dropping!

Can't really figure out how many buttons. But I am sure, Kate's sister,  Pippa had a hard time helping the Duchess in her  Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen creation.
Royalty! Classic with modern charm! Very fairy-tale dream come true for all of us! The Daily Mail reports that the exquisite Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown costs £250,000. That's like Php 17,500,000 in our currency. *BIG GRIN*
Something borrowed! The Cartier Halo Tiara of Queen Elizabeth II.  It was originally commissioned in 1936 by the Duke of York  for his wife Elizabeth—the Queen Mum. In 1946, she passed the crown on to her daughter, the current Queen, for her 18th birthday.
These earrings were given to Kate by her parents, Carole & Michael Middleton, as a gift for her wedding day. To get a pair of this, Links of London has replica in reproduction and on sale. Heard the waiting list is long. Yikes! Click on this.
And finally! The shoes we never saw at the wedding. These pair were designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen to go with the dress that has the same lace detailing to match.

These are replicas that are on display because the original cake were saved by the couple as tradition dictates that the couple save two layers to be served at the christening of their first child (and now that's something we need to do for the future Christening of our babies! LOL).
At the right, is the original bottom layer of the wedding cake of Prince William and Duchess Catherine.  The cut made by the ceremonial sword that the couple used for the cake cutting can clearly be seen.

Photo credits: Hugo Burnand/Clarence House via WPA Pool/Getty Images

To quote Hilary Alexander of Fashion Telegraph UK in her April 9, 2011 article, "Its exquisite hand-embroidered and appliquéd lace, and emphasis on 'best of British' materials, recalled Queen Victoria's decision in 1840 that her bridal gown should promote the nation's skills, while the classic and graceful lines could have been inspired by both the modernist Princess Margaret, who in 1960 also married in Westminster Abbey, and the more romantic style of Princess Grace, whose wedding had taken place four years earlier. The latter reference could be also be seen as a very sensitive and sympathetic homage to Diana, Princess of Wales, who had had an instant rapport with the former Hollywood film star and saw her as a style icon."
All of these will be on display up until October 3, 2011. So if anyone of you wishes to experience it all, start saving now and book your flight soon! LOL Yay!

Hope I'll be getting a benefactor who will sponsor me for this trip. LOL (Just pm me! Weeee!)
(Photo credits: The Daily Mail)

If only I can experience it all. :D Where is my fairy godmother?! Where are you?! LOL
The very chic designer, Sarah Burton. At least we have now a face for that name. :D She looks like Carmen Kass. :D

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Monday, 25 July 2011

My New BLOG Design!

This site has undergone several major transformations. 
As a self-proclaimed narcissist, I always wanted a design that 
has my fabulous face in it. LOL I always thought it looked gorgeous. LOL 
(At the back of my mind, "Keep telling yourself that!" LOL) 
*Smacks head with my fluffy pillow!*

The first layout! To much of meeeeee! LOL
Solo moi! LOL Shot by my good friend, Freaky Adonis in Dayang Beach, Talikud Island! 
Me in Depot Road, Singapore. Shot by my fabulous bff, Betchie.
Taken while waiting for our bus ride to Anchorpoint.
And then I got tired with all of them. LOL 
Each of the layout above had a shelf life of about a month or two. 
For obvious reasons, I think all of them screams -- BORING! LOL Yay! 
But I know you all love the layouts coz' I love it myself too. LOL

So here now is my current and so far, 
the most FABULOUS of all layouts I've made. 

(As I've written the previous sentence, I just realized that without me in the photo, it's much FABULOUS than with me in it. Urgh!! LOL Whatever! LOL)

I am so in love with this one. LOOK! It just speaks --> FABULOSITY!! :D
You all prolly thinking why a collage of photos. Aight?! 
Well, for starters. These are not just photos. 
These are all the things I enjoy in life. 
Each of the photos represents what I always have in me
 (valuable or not, LOL)
 that I treasure most. 

Quote from the movie, Kung Fu Panda!
We all love quotes. 
We enjoy reading, receiving, composing, 
memorizing quotes from movies, T.V. shows, text quotes and so on. 
And we just love to send them to people we love and posting them in our social network profiles as shoutouts. Yeah, I am one of them. 
Guilty as charged. LOL This particular quote I found and presented in a classic fashion is truly divine. Engraved in a wooden coaster in one of the coolest novelty shops in Singapore, The Bloomington. 
Love it! Problem was. Didn't purchase it coz' 
I didn't have cash that particular day! LOL
Taken outside, Gluttons Bay - Makansutra in Raffles Avenue 
while waiting for my Bus 195 on my way home. 
This second photo tells something about the journey I call life.
 And that journey I have no idea where it leads me to. LOL 
Seriously, this represents sort of the love and amazement I have over night lights. I am obviously a nocturnal person, and it's but natural 
that I appreciate all the things night has to offer. 
Lights, party, booze and the event that happens after the drinks. LOL 
I love daylights too, sun and the beach. And that's just it. 
If it's too sunny and no beach. 
Then that's where I draw the line of loving the sun. LOL
*Wish I can experience night lights in Paris or other European cities.*
A John Galliano creation made for Madonna in her 1994 music video, "Take A Bow!"
Madonna in Take A Bow. FIERCE!
This was like a dream come true for me. Seeing Madonna's iconic top in "Take A BOW" was as closest that I can ever get to my favorite singer (apart from Mariah, Barbra, Annie Lennox and Chaka!). My jaw dropped the moment I saw this being displayed in Hard Rock Cafe in Resorts World Sentosa. Take A Bow is one of my favorite Madonna video/song. When it first came out, I was like --another pegs to copy. LOL Every time it is being played in MTV back then, I would face the mirror and then lipsync to the song and slow dance to it. So GAY of me. LOL (We all have our crazy solo moments! Aight, Tom Cruise?!) This photo also represents fashion in a vintage and classic charm. Just the way I like it. Weeeeee!
One of my fave books. Read this almost 10x. LOL
 I just love the all details and all the drama in the book.  

The movie totally disappointed all the fans of the novel.  
Novels. Fictitious or non-fictitious.
 I read books all the time when my schedule would allow me. 
I'm not your typical voracious reader but whenever I get hooked in a certain book. Then that's it. I would sit and lie down in bed for hours and days just reading and not minding the outside world. 
And buy the sequel or prequel of that certain novel. LOL 
Yup. I'm that crazy when I love something. 
And this particular book by Arthur Golden ranks as a top read in my list. 
Every time I read this book, I cry over and over. 
That's how shallow my tears are.
 I have a collection of biographies too. 
Famous personalities whom I admire and have found
 to be inspiring with lives that are worth imitating. LOL 

I love books being read in a classic, paper back or hardbound and not in an version. :D

My geeky skull wayferers.
This may not be the most expensive glasses there is but I am happy that I don't  see much of this in people I see in the mall, parties and etc. This cost me a fortune back then when I only had PhP250.00 at the time I saw this. LOL I am happy to have found this pair coz' it's classic with a touch of a fun detail. Love it! You can always see me sporting this pair. That's how I am in love with this glasses. Yay! There you go. 

My Marilyn Monroe card deck. HEAVEN!
The moment I saw this, I bought it right away. No explanations needed or weighing things why is there a need to buy this. I mean, there's Marilyn in it. I already have a few Marilyn in my collection. And to have this deck is purely HEAVEN. It costs me really cheap but hey, the images in all the decks are priceless. LOVE IT! One of the many good buys I've had back in SG. Besides, it's the only thing I bought when I stayed in SG. LOL 

So there you have it. All the photos represents something in me. Things that I'll be talking about and have talked about in the past as part of my "just about anything under the sun" theme of my posts. Good thing I didn't have to write that phrase in my new layout. LOL Let the photos say it, right?!


I've added new features in my blog site. FACEBOOK "Like" button, Reactions for -Funny-, -Interesting-, and -Cool-. Bloglovin' icon for easy follow, Twitter follow me icon and LinkWithin menu for other readable blogs I have in this site. Weeee! Hope you all love it!
Just for pure entertainment, here's Madonna's Take A Vow video. Enjoy!

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse (1983-2011)
It was only a matter of time, and boom, she's gone. She is only 27.  (click here for full story

When she first came out, I was like --OMG! My new inspiration. I played the REHAB song for like a gazillion times on repeat. 

She was so unique and her style of singing and tackling every note is just pure awesomeness. I mean, not your usual pop diva. And then suddenly, she's not a good inspiration. Appearing and performing on stage with traces of COKE on her nostrils. And I thought, this ain't good. But I never judge her coz' of that. She has her reasons. Besides, I adored her coz' of her talent. Mimicking her style of singing whenever we're in one of our Karaoke NIGHT with my gays. But that's just it. Her true talent exudes and covered her flaws. The talent that wowed all of us.  And with that, I feel bad for the people around her, her mom I know, who is always beside her during her tours and all her professional life as a singer/perfomer. Why can't she tell her suffering daughter to do something about it? *teary*

Yes, I am sad to hear the news about her loss. She's such a character. We all love her unique style! Her talent and fierce voice. But somehow it was not surprising. Such a waste of voice and talent. RIP, Amy! We LOVE you still!

Amy Winehouse (September 14,1983-July 23,2011)

Tonight, in honor of Amy. I am playing all her songs. Your music will live on, Amy.


Another lesson to learn. Stay safe y'all!
And thank you for sharing your gift of music to us. You'll always be remembered!

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