Wednesday, 29 February 2012

OSCARS 2012: My TOP 5 Best Dressed List

Awards season is almost over. And yes, countless other bloggers have already made their list which is sort of making me late to post mine. But as they always say, better late than never. Right?

Just this Sunday, billions of people have tuned in to their boob tube, computers/internet and to Twitter for updates of the winners. But for some, yes, that's us, FASHION SLAVES, glued to these media an hour earlier for the RED CARPET event. As most fashion designers and fashion lovers would always consider, the biggest and most fabulous runway! The big names in fashion teaming with the movie industry, showcasing the very latest trends in evening wear.

So here are my top 5 BEST DRESSED list!

1) Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace. This girl never fail to wow us everytime. I love how this black velvet tube with slit-up-to-there dress just define the word, FEMME FATALE! Hot in every way. The hair and makeup was flawless. Did you notice how her eye makeup was done? That's how you do a smoldering, piercing, cat's eye look. It just goes well with her dress and the hair sort of tamed everything. Okay. Let's not talk about the infamous right LEG. Some other bloggers have already tackled that. LOL

2) Rooney Mara in Givenchy. Have you guys noticed the whole look, she sort of channeled Audrey Hepburn circa 1954, the year she won her Oscar. No? Oh well. Why her? Don't you see it. I love how this dress just flatters her skinny/runwaymodel-ish frame. It's so editorial but she made it look very accessible with how her hair and makeup was done. The full bangs sort of gave it a very friendly look. And how she carried the dress is timeless. <3 her!

3) Penelope Cruz in Armani Privé. This classic, old glamour is right on point. She looked like a royalty that night. The hair and makeup was flawless. Smokey eyemakeup really flatters that deep seated, brown-eyed Spanish import. Loving all the details. From her necklace, to the rooching, to the tail and color of the dress. She shined that night. If Oscars had a wife, it had to be her in that dress.

4) Meryl Streep in Alber Elbaz for Lanvin. Gold is the way to go! I love how this, not so put on look, gave a casual yet sophisticated and glamous statement. She showed enough skin and I love how that belt accentuated the dress. Everything in Meryl that night totally and truly made her a winner. Her beauty, smile and elegance radiated the whole evening.

5) Milla Jovovich in Ellie Saab. She made a very successful transition from a runway model to a movie actress. And that night, she crossed over back again as a model. This look is probably her best in recent red carpet years. No? Did you see the detail of that dress? Heavily beaded in all the right places in a perfect pattern. That dress took about 300hours to be made. I love how the shoulder did hung loosely and not covering tightly or it would've looked very bridesy. Her hair and makeup? GORGEOUS! Her red lips was the accessory that night. She looked like she was a WINNER with the whole ensemble!

Dressing appropriately for figure and age.

I loved how Octavie Spencer, Melissa McCartney, Glenn Close and Meryl Streep dressed that night. Everything just flattered and covered all the right places that needs to be covered. I was amazed how Octavia carried that dress. The dress really suited her and I loved it a lot.

Gwyneth's Tom Ford caped dress. The moment she stepped on that red carpet, I right away said, NAY! Come on? If she had to wear that dress, she could have at least made Sacha Baron Cohen her escort. They'd totally complement with eachother. And I'm not even sure with the hair. But I love her makeup though. I think I'm not completely sold with how the hair was done. I think it made the whole look dry and flat. Or had she worn gold accessories, like in excess, she would have received my thumbs up. Haha However, she looked good on stage w/o the cape on. I mean, really. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that cape and for some funny reason. That cape be the only reason why I died. LOL Some car snagged my cape by accident. Haha Also, I believe Kim K. would rock that dress more with her hourglass figure. Right?

Natalie Portman in a vintage polka dot Dior dress. It wasn't a winner that night for me. It's too prom-ish and kinda understated for Oscars. However this dress would've looked fabulous in SAG or Golden Globes or at dinner time at home with family and friends. Haha

J.Lo in striped Zuhair Murad. Seriously Jen? The dress would have looked good if there were no peekaboo on the sleeves. For me it looked kinda tacky & pageant/cabaret-ish. And her hair, why? It's too dated, matronly. Oops. There I said it. Haha I love J.Lo but why the hair? At the after parties though she looked fabulous in a different dress with her younger beau. You cougar, you! Haha LOVED IT! Go cougars!!

So that's it! I know. You wouldn't agree with some of who made it to my list. This is just my opinion or my fashion sense. But I know we'd agree on one thing though, me and you walking that red carper next year. Haha


I'm making this post from my phone and it's convenient yet I can't do something much with the photos.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Naomi Campbell as Tina Turner

Have you seen the new feature spread of Naomi Campbell in V Magazine?

If you haven't then you've missed a lot!

Photographed by both Iango Henzi & Danielle Duella and styled by Joanne Blades with coutures from Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Bluemarine, Versace and several others. The theme of the shoot was done to pay homage to Tina Turner, "THE PRIVATE DANCER's" fashions. It showcased some of the memorable looks that Ms. Turner created over the years during her onstage performances. Costumes that exposed her very sexy and fabulous legs that Mick Jagger once licked during a performace.

Both Tina & Naomi are among my top favourites to ever have that sazzy and fierce attitudes when they rock a stage performance. They too have that killer legs that I'm sure, you are all dying to have. Me included. Haha

They're incomparable and SIMPLY THE BEST!

All photos are published both in print and in V Magazine's website.


My first entry after a month.
Yay! I'm terrible.
Will post my list of best dressed for Oscars2012 after this post!
Apologies to all my lovely readers. :-)
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