Saturday, 10 November 2012

Bangkok Part Deux!


Bangkok will always be a good place for thrift travelers and especially shoppers. Although I did not shop this time, I was there to just fully enjoy Thailand's rich culture & Bangkok's local attractions with my college batchmates. It was a really fun adventure exploring one of the world's most traveled city with my gay people & two fag hags. Lol

Here are some of the photos I took with my phone. Yeah. I did not bring a camera with me.


My second time here in BKK. The last time was last July.
Kob kun ka to all my friends who traveled with me this time. xxx
At Mambo Cabaret Show! An all gay cast production.
At Floating Market At Damnersaduak, Bangkok.
Tuk-Tuk ride! Thailand Taxi.
At The Grand Palace.
Haagen Dazs' Banana Crepe w/ Macadamia Nut + Brownie Caramel icecream. 
BKK busy street and night lights.
Thai massage is <3!
At Floating Market At Damnersaduak, Bangkok.
At Floating Market At Damnersaduak, Bangkok.
The Grand Palace.
BKK's weather that week was not that good but it wasn't as bad either.
Suvarnabhumi Airport.
Skull telephone!
The Royal Guards at the Grand Palace.
With my Aussie friend, Gladys!
Zeeee best Makkis!
Friends I meet at Floating Market At Damnersaduak, Bangkok.
Another Mambo Cabaret Show's gorgeous number!
Street iced-coffee! I miss!!
Yummy Makkis!!
Taken by some tourist! Kob khun ka friend..
Mambo Caberet Show!
Mango + Sticky rice combo! Delish! xxx
Davao friends meeting in BKK. Small world!
The group wiht MC my good friend from Davao who is now based in BKK working as an accountant.
With Dollar. Such a cute baby.
Tom Yam soup is DIVINE!
Tuk-Tuk and friends...
The plane gives free mosquito rides. LOL
Dollar Baby!
At Floating Market At Damnersaduak, Bangkok.
my gorgeous BKK travelmates!
Suvarnabhumi Airport!
The Grand Palace and my thighs!
Green mango + sugar infused with driend chilli dip. YUMMY!
This is Mafia I met at Siam Paragon Mall.
Some German fellow. Guten tag!
BKK foodporn!
Pad Thai! 
Organinc: carrot + beetroot + blueberry! Healthy drink...
At Floating Market At Damnersaduak, Bangkok.
Angry Birds chips!
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