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Princess Diana: She Would've Been 50 Now

July 1, 1961-August 31, 1997
I have always been fascinated with royalty ever since I was a kid.  Back in the 80's, prolly I was 9 then.  All I ever wanted was to watch everything princess stories. Disney movies provided all those. Story of Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White. 

My history subjects were a joy for me when the topic is all about royalty. Elizabethan age up to the present Queen Elizabeth II herself. I would always read our encyclopedia containing all the existing monarchs.  

Then the 90's came.  The rage was all about Princess Diana of Wales (Although in the 80's, it already started).  It was this time I'd have more access to her.  I'd save up money to buy magazines that has an article/cover/or any photo of her.  Not that I am obsessed.  It's the only way I get updated about my favourite princess. For me, she was like someone I'd want to be when I grow up (musings of a young gay boy back then! LOL Seriously, I still have that dream now!).

Early 1990's came, we had cable connection.  That made it all easy.  We had BBC, CNN, foreign entertainment news and all the works.  Seeing all the famous monarchs from Monaco to United Kingdon was just a remote control click away.  That was the link I had of the world of royalty.  Internet was not an option back then. LOL

August 31, 1997.  It was one of the saddest day of the world.  It was during this time that we have lost the princess we all loved.  She was stripped of the title, but to us all. We have lost a a true princess, the "people's princess!"  

Diana, in the rear seat, her bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, left,
and driver Henri Paul are seen shortly before the car crash that
killed Diana, her companion Dodi Fayed and the driver in Paris.
Photo: AP
I was stuck on the T.V. for a week just to follow on updates about her death.  It's as if, I was part of her family that I needed quick information about the investigation of her death. And finally came her funeral.  If the news was terrible for me, then funeral rights was the most painful. Seeing both her kids, Prince William and Harry with their father and Diana's brother, Earl Spencer was just heartbreaking.  I cried, and cried and cried a river on the live telecast of BBC. Seeing that letter from her kids with the name scribed, "Mummy!"  That just tore my heart to pieces. (During this time, I was alone in our house.  I dressed-up.  Donned a funeral appropriate dress. Yup, I crossed dressed.  The dress I wore was reminiscent of Evita's.  I put on make-up and I wore ala-Philip Treacy hat with short black veil that covered both my eyes. All the works!)  

the car wreckage.
That was a sad news for all of us.  The world mourned. People was crushed. Out pouring of messages from people to the British monarchs were harsh. Some speculated it was a plot by the monarchy to end Princess Diana's dishonoring. Some even believed that it was just a staging of her exit for her to finally have her privacy and live a life in secrecy with her beau at that time.

For whatever reason it is, she is gone.  Her passing even heightened my passion to collect more stuff about her.  I record all documentaries about her on tv.  I prolly have a gazillion VHS tapes in possession (I still have 'em.  Problem is it's covered with dust.).  Rented videos.  Borrowed books in our university library.  I bought lots of magazines.  I was that a fan of her.


So today would've been her 50th birthday.  And everyone is talking about how would have she looked like now.  Would Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge live up to her natural grace and fabulousness? What would she say to the couple if she was here to witness everything from dating down to their wedding. We don't know.  But for many, she will always carry all the time that timid and shy charm but commanding presence that captivates us all from the very beginning.  She may not be with us now, but her legacy through her championed causes lives on to help the less fortunates.

She did a lot of charity work. As Princess of Wales, she was expected to visit hospitals, schools and many more. During these visits, she developed an interest in the ill-ones. She decided to do charity work for foundations that were fighting against Aids, HIV and leprosy. In 1989 she was given the title of President of Great Ormand Street Hospital for Children. During her final year, she fully supported the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. After her death, the campaign won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1997.1

This was the time when Prince Charles confessed his affair to Camillia.
This was a punch to both Camilla and Charles w/ Diana appearing in the public fabulous and gorgeous.

She was dubbed as the lonely princess.  Attending to events.  Surrounded with lots of dignitaries and royalties, yet she felt alone.
The famous dance with John Travolta in The White House.  This was the first time the new couple, Diana and Charles toured to U.S.

This would've been the Diana now if she was still living and at 50
Both are just stunning(That I'm sure of). Photoshopped and doctored photo beside Kate.    

What's left of my magazine collection.  I would read them over and over again.  *Taken from my iphone. :D

 The letter from the kids.  This crushed my heart. They must've been so damaged with the lost of their mother at that time. :C *Taken from my iphone in one of magazine clips I've collected of her.

And the song that was on repeat in our CD player over and over again. *Teary*


I have attached some video of her last interview with Martin Bashir of Panorama (BBC) in November of 1995.  This was sort of a tell-all of the life she had as The Princess of Wales. 


Just click on the link for the succeeding parts.  Part Two. Part three. Part four. Part five. End of interview.


I will be writing a blog too about the experience I had a few weeks ago.  Almost pulled a Princess Diana/Princess Grace of Monaco exit. That was scary. ---be safe y'all.

Info On How To Help Davao City Flood Victims

A father who lost all his family (wife, children and in-laws) from the flash flood.
They all need our help.

If you want to help Davao City, as they need donations for the flood victims.  Here are some of the agencies I know that accepts donations of all kinds.

To quote an email from Fr. Renato C. Ocampo, SJ of Ateneo de Davao University; "Fellow Board of Trustee’s  Dr. Bobby Bandolon (GS'83 HS'87 BS Bio'91) and Mike Sapaula (HS'84) suggest we can contact the Davao Medical Society (082) 2276850 and look for Aileen or Arlene (09179747804). Another option is to drop your donations of food and clothing @ Davao City Hall lobby area.  God Bless."

You can also contact and add @BongEliab's Twitter account for more info of Operation Center of Ateneo.  Donations in cash and in kind may also be made at the Social Involvement Coordinating Office (SICO) and Samahan Office at the Ateneo de Davao University, Jacinto campus. For other inquiries, please call 221-2411 local 8329 (SICO) or 8328 (Samahan). 

Also, contact Ardee E. Delola of GMA Dava & GMA Kapuso Foundation, Shrine Hills, Matina.

Contact DSWD Region XI for your donations.  They are also in need of volunteers for the disaster.

ABSCBN Davao Sagip Kapamilya Hotline number, 082-2961911.

You may also drop them off at Matina Town Square (call 082-297-1780) tent or Victory Christian Fellowship (call 082 - 226 8916/3057821) in Ilustre Street, Davao City..

Gabriela also accepts donations in any kind (clothes, food, medicines).   You can drop them off at Gabriela Women's Party Office, Cottage 2, Carriedo Compound, 301 E. Palma Gil St., Obrero, Davao City. Tel. No. (82) 2273403. 


Cash donations can be coursed through your preferred foundations (e.g. ABSCBN's Sagip Kapamilya, GMA7's Kapuso Foundation).

For those areas willing to extend their donations but are far from Davao City, CEBU PACIFIC AIR IS WILLING TO FLY IN DONATIONS AT NO COST. Kindly contact Cebu Pacific hotlines on how to donate:  Manila Office: +63-2-70-20-888 / Cebu Office:   +63-32-230-8888

To extend much needed assistance to the affected areas, Davao City Government is open to accept donations such as MEDICINE, TOILETRIES, RICE, SCHOOL SUPPLIES, CANNED GOODS, NOODLES, BLANKETS, HOUSEWARE, KITCHENWARE and ALL OTHER DONATIONS IN ANY FORM.  Kindly send your donations to the Public Assistance Desk at the lobby of Davao City Hall.

For more details, please contact MS. MARY RESMA of the DAVAO CITY ADMINISTRATOR'S OFFICE through the following numbers:
Mobile No.     :  0922-8935595
Landline No.  : (082) 227-4526
                      (082) 227-6054

You may also visit this page, I Support the Victims of Davao Matina-Bangkal Flashflood in Facebook about how to support this cause.

Our help is deeply appreciated in these trying times.


Let us always say a prayer for Davao.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Almost Drowned!

Found dead child from the flood lastnight.
Was crying seeing this.
I never thought it would end up like the way it is now. As of 1:42pm of June 29, 2011, a total 15 are found dead and 5 bodies missing. (Tweet of @gmanews)

We went to a children's party in Skyline that night.  Left there around 11:50pm.  When we passed by crossing Skyline/Diversion Rd., the water current was fast.  But it was only tire-level.  So we went on, never cared and was just thankful that did not stop the engine or the water did not rise.  

taken around 12:30pm when we headed back to safer grounds. 
taken from my iphone. I tweeted this to GMANews.
We were near Central Park entrance and we were like so confident coz' the road was perfect.  And then as we were before Tahimik Ave. of Bangkal.  Water was rising.  We never thought it would reach as high as the photo i posted coz' it's very unusual of Davao to flood like that. Although in some areas it does, but never along national highways. We thought, as were going home passing Bangkal that the flood was just shallow. Like half way tire-level only. Then as we reached Tahimik Avenue (also in Bangkal), the water was very forceful. Strong current. But at that time (around 12:30am) was still shallow. Then as we went back, as all cars did near the Bangkal Bridge (Even big trucks).  It took us almost 20-30mins to go back to areas not affected. That's the time we saw lots of debris. Even a pedicab was taken away from the strong current. Waters reaching almost waist. (This was the time i took the photo) Thats also the time when waters went inside our car.

flood water in our car. taken from my iphone.
We rested for almost two hours at a friend's house. It was this time my friend's mom called asking our whereabouts. She told us to never pass the same road as the water reached roof level. Coz one of their relatives live there. Then we called taxi service asking for advice if where's the safest route to travel.  Because they always have reports from their taxi drivers. We were told, Diversion Road is the safest.  We passed that road lastnight. Heavy traffic.  Bumper to bumper. Took us almost an hour to get through that road just to reach our house. The traffic was caused by all vehicles opting to pass by that road and a lot of rescue 911 vans also caused the traffic. Especially in Matina Pangi area.  I was thankful to see that scene coz' it somehow brought hope to the people living that area.
Scary when you know Davao never gets flooded like that.  I think this how my city is growing in terms of being a major metropolitan city.  (Take Metro Manila and the neighboring cities) People would also mention that if the city has heavy traffic, another sign of progress. 

But do we need to traffic/flooding to define that we are a growing city with a booming GDP?

I think the government should now focus on a good drainage system.  As the traffic here is already addressed.  How else can we  defend the Davao, as the most liveable city in the Philippines when flooding is present.   

Some photos are graphic and disturbing.  Photo credits to Joemar Lamata.  Thank you for lending your informative photos.

Injured, rescued resident. Thank God for this.

I think this was taken hours after the flood. Waters started to subside.

A friend told me it was like a scene in a tsunami aftermath.  This is sad.

I was crushed seeing this photo.
A younger brother watching over a his brother/siter who died  from the flood lastnight.

A friend of a friend informed us that their van was drowned in the flood.  Was washed away from the current.  He lives in Tahimik Ave. where some of the worse damage was found.
He and his family are safe now.

 sad.. sad.. sad.. If we struggled to pass by Bangkal bridge, this would've been our fate. :c


Good thing we were okay inside our vehicle coz' we have a 10y.o. passenger, son of my friend who owns the car.  

If you want to help Davao City, as they need donations for the flood victims.  Contact DNS (082) 2276850 or Arlene-09179747804.  You can also contact and add @BongEliab Operation Center of Ateneo is up. Call (82)2212411 local 8253 or 8201 for donations. Most Needed: rice, canned goods, water.

Also, contact Ardee E. Delola of GMA Davao. He posted this in his Facebook account.  "Friends, if you have anything to spare for our fellow Dabawenyos affected by flash floods, you may send your donations through GMA Davao and GMA Kapuso Foundation, Shrine Hills, Matina. You may also drop them off at Matina Town Square (call 082-297-1780) tent or Victory Christian Fellowship (call 082 - 226 8916/3057821in Ilustre Street. Our help is deeply appreciated in these trying times."


Heartbreaking photo still from Roland Jumawan. 
I cried at this photog's album.
GMA News called to confirm about the photo I tweeted lastnight.  I think that photo and my statements will be featured later in the news.  Will be posting that later too. 

Update: Here's the Youscooper GMA video feature of my photo.

(photo credits: see watermark in each photos)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

my take on - Forever And A Day. . .

This is your usual boy-meets-girl, don't-fall-in-love-with-me-coz'-I'm-dying movie plot.  Yup.  But it's worth every penny. LOL

But in this kind of movie, all has it's unique way of presenting it.  Yup, with same story but the different techniques on how movie is presented, is something all moviegoers look forward to.

THE ACTORS:  I love SAM MILBY.  He is always good in every project he gets his hands in to.  Always surpasses my expectations and preconceptions to every movie I watch that stars him.  Convincing and raw in his emotions, I am always taken everytime he opens his mouth to say his line.  It's like you're beside him talking to you.  I think this is one of the movies where he showed his true acting abilities.  (I have yet to watch his second indie movie, Third World Happy)

KC Concepcion.  I love Kc coz' she's smart, sophiscated and just plain fabulous.  But I draw the line when she's in movies. (Well at least for now. Hope she gets better!)  Am I the only one that notices the bad delivery of lines or facial expressions?  But in fairness to Sharon's lovely daughter, this is by far the best acting compared to previous movies she has starred. 

PLUS FACTOR:  Common plot.  Yes we discussed that already.  But what the screenwriters/director/producers usually do is to present it in an interesting fashion.  Of course they should coz' it's the one thing that separates it from the other boy-meets-girl, don't-fall-in-love-with-me-coz'-I'm-dying movie. Duh?! LOL  

Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon.  I fell in love with the movie because of the setting.  I am now (more like my friends only) saving up for a weekend tour sometime soon.  Been to other ziplines (Camp Sabros in Kapatagan, Digos City, Philippines and in Outland Adventure, Davao City.) and in every place I go to has something to offer.  Though Camp Sabros did offer really something more fun coz' they had several ziplines of different lengths to satisfy all adventure seekers.  Anyways,  this particular place where the movie was set really intrigued us.  I know that it's a sure fun if we get to visit the place.  And that river rafting too.  Which we'll be doing sometime by July.  So Excited!! 

SAM's TONED BODY:  Every time he is on marathon, running and sweating or even topless in the movie, all eyes pop-out, mouth-open, saliva dripping and hearts palpitating! He is H-O-T! HOTNESS and makes you crave for some Sam-like-bodies you know for substitute.  LOL    

TEAR FACTOR:  Even with not so good acting of Kc, still I managed to shed a tear the moment Sam set off several balloons to the air that carried Kc's photo.  That is some bitter-sweet gesture that signalled to free Kc.   And I have a soft spot for stuff like that.  Boohoo!

I will recommend the movie for all those hopeless romantics.  And to those who wants to fall in love and knows that they are with someone who has an illness.  It will open your eyes on the "what and what not" in dealing with things discussed in the movie.  It's also a nice movie for distraction if you're bored.  But it's not something that will become a classic.  (my all time fave is Pahiram Ng Isang Umaga. Directed by no less than the great, Ishmael Bernal.  Top billed by Vilma Santos.)  I know I am not a good movie critic but I know what is good from not.  And I know in my heart that this is a good movie with a not so good female lead in it.  

My rate of the movie: out of 

Here's more Sam's sexy photos from F&H 2010 campaign. Weeee! HOT!!
one hot  and talented commodity! Whew!

worthy of all our cravings. LOL


This is a delayed post.  We had trouble in our internet connection. Bayantel, our ISP is giving us a hard time w/ the connection! Grrrr! Do something or we'll cancel the subscription! LOL


Here's a glimpse of Vilma Santos, playing Juliet Espiritu, diagnosed w/ a terminal illness and was told she has only few months to live.  Pahiram Ng Isang Umaga is directed by Ishmael Bernal.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

From Elvie's to La Greta's!

Tope, moi, Rie and Chris
As always, when The ManneQueens gather, it is sure that the night will be filled with laughter! And that's like, ALCOHOL not included! LOL

Last night was truly a blast for us ManneQueens.  Although some rain checked on us.  Still we managed to keep the "lite"/mini reunion as fun and comedic as it should be. LOL

First stop: @ Elvie's BBQ.
selection of Chicken,
hotdogs and seafoods
I can't say no to a good BBQ.  (I had a lite dinner before I went to Elvie's. LOL) Every BBQ resto always brings a different style to the table.  They always have their own blend of BBQ marinade and sauce.  And Elvie's has it's own unique, yummy and superb style.  We had chicken bbq and grilled tuna belly.  The last time I ate there was last 2010 of November when again, the Queens gathered up.  I just love love the BBQ sauce.  No wonder it's always a hit to all people living in the area.

Second stop: Casa dela Greta.
When we ran out RH Bills @ Elvie's, it's time to move on. LOL  We bought beers (1L x 4 bottles) then we headed to Chris' house.  It was during this time we had the most laugh.  I think it's because of it I got a little tipsy.  LOL  I also spent the rest of the morning in Chris's room.  Not the usual thing I do coz' I'm not so used sleeping over at other people's house/bed. (But I love bed hopping! LOL) 

This morning, Tita Thelma (Chris' mom) prepared us a sumptuous brekky.  Love it! I think that got me a little okay after being wasted hours before.  (I popped 1 tab of pain reliever I found in the dinning table. LOL)  But I think the latter helped more. LOL  

Thank you Tita Thelms and Chris for the warmth accomodation and to Rie for the BBqs and RH Bills. LOL
Sashimi @ La Greta's. Prepared by Tita Elvie (Rie's mom)

RH Bill.... LOL
La Greta a.k.a. Chris/Toping turning of the lights.

Paparazzi mode. La Greta in deep sleep. If only I was not too drunk to record the sound of his snor! LOL 
The ManneQueens last 2010 of November w/ Clyde and John Paul.

@ Elvie's BBQ - November 2010

Tonight we're watching "Forever And A Day!"
So excited to see Sam Milby and Kc Concepcion.  Read good reviews.  Total tear jerker it mention in one of the articles I've scanned.  We'll see about that.
Till then.
(pardon the poor quality photos, I just used my Iphone in taking 'em. Carrying DSLR camera is just exhausting. LOL)

The ManneQueens Reunion

standing: (left to right) Mocha, moi, Rain, Chris
sitting: (left to right) Denise, Rie & Jepoise
I'm so excited to meet my fellow ManneQueens.  It has been a while since we all gathered and dolled up for a show.  Trying on different style of make-up and play dress-up while we do our costume rehearsals.  Whenever we have new routines, we would get serious when Rie, our head mistress (LOL) and choreographer gives us a combination that we all don't get right away. (I gave up dancing when I went to highschool.  When I was in elementary, I was part of a local group that would perform locally in events to showcase tribal/modern dances to delegates from other cities/country in major venues here in Davao.)

The reason why the group disbanded was more of a professional growth to each of the members.  All of us  pursued other opportunities and explored other cities and countries in search of that CAREER BREAK.  

Rie (sis of Rain), auditioned to GMA's, "I Heart You, Pare" and got a recurring role opposite - The Asia's Songbird, Regine Velasquez.  She also works regularly in The Library Comedy Bar with her group, Raging Divas.  Mocha/Tope, doesn't need to work his ass off.  He jet sets to Singapore, Dubai, Korean, Hongkong, Maldives and anywhere else just to spend money and enjoy/experience culture at its finest.  Denise now works full time both as a designer/stylist and in the call center industry as a customer specialist.  Jepoise/Monique is now handling a family owned firm as operations manager and is honing his talent in playing the violin.  While Chris/Yvonne is starting to carve a niche as a local make-up artist with clients locally and nationally travelling to major cities to make women beautiful with his talent in the aesthetics.  Where as moi, I part time as a make-up artist/hair stylist working mostly with Chris/Yvonne.  Also working home-based with an on-line job (LOL). I also explored Singapore/Malaysia for greener past pastures as well as looking for a lover.  Rain, also went to Singapore to further his career in the business world as well as in modelling. Currently, Rain got a gig of a life time that made him a famous fashion model.  Strutting the catwalks of Philippine Fashion Week 2011 as Kenneth Chua's muse.  
Tope in Korea. 

Rie, rubbing elbows w/ celebrities.  Here with close friend Mark Abaya.

Make-up artist extraordinaire.

Violin enthusiast
Rain in Philippine Fashion Week at
Kenneth Chua's collection 

So that's it.  I'll be posting photos tomorrow of how our night went.  Apparently, we'll be having dinner then RH BIll discussion (READ: Red Horse). LOL


Just got a message from Rie. Wheee! 
Till then!

photo credits: see the watermarks
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