Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Naomi Campbell as Tina Turner

Have you seen the new feature spread of Naomi Campbell in V Magazine?

If you haven't then you've missed a lot!

Photographed by both Iango Henzi & Danielle Duella and styled by Joanne Blades with coutures from Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Bluemarine, Versace and several others. The theme of the shoot was done to pay homage to Tina Turner, "THE PRIVATE DANCER's" fashions. It showcased some of the memorable looks that Ms. Turner created over the years during her onstage performances. Costumes that exposed her very sexy and fabulous legs that Mick Jagger once licked during a performace.

Both Tina & Naomi are among my top favourites to ever have that sazzy and fierce attitudes when they rock a stage performance. They too have that killer legs that I'm sure, you are all dying to have. Me included. Haha

They're incomparable and SIMPLY THE BEST!

All photos are published both in print and in V Magazine's website.


My first entry after a month.
Yay! I'm terrible.
Will post my list of best dressed for Oscars2012 after this post!
Apologies to all my lovely readers. :-)

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