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A REPOST: Why is Makeup Service Expensive?

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I have often been asked why freelance hair and makeup artists (HMUA or MUA) charge a certain pricey amount. Rates that differs most being offered by stylists working in Salons. Most clients I have understood why my rates are such while others who doesn't fully know our craft yet ask questions; that, in most cases, is like being asked by an high-schooler. Not to offend most of them, I think getting to know first what we do for a living makes you more of an educated consumer than play misinformed. And in the process, it will save us a ton of time in our hands. FYI: TIME IS GOLD, hunty! 

While on a rest day (no clients to transform), I came across this in-your-face info blog entry by a fellow Filipina HMUA, Chi-Chi Molano. I think she has explained thoroughly why rates vary from ours to those who are salon-based stylists.

So here's the 411! 

Enjoy reading! 

With permission from the authour, this is a reposted blog entry by Chi-Chi Molano  of 
dated 26th of October 2014.

Chi-Chi Molano  of
The Valid Explanation why.... 

I've been a freelance makeup artist for over two years now. To my fellow hair and makeup artists, I'm just a newbie/rookie in my field, but I guess rookie or not, all hair and makeup artists will agree to what I'm about to say here. 

I have a fan page on Facebook ( and I often encounter inquiries yet I have a very few percentage of these inquiries that really materialized, the reason why? Inquiries often find my makeup service expensive. And here I will provide the points to consider why the hell event makeup service is so damn pricey. 

1. Luxury: me and my team will be packing up and transporting multiple cases of equipment and supplies directly to you in the comfort of your bridal suite, hotel, and home on demand at the hour you specify. By this allows you to relax and enjoy your special day without the added stress of traveling to and from service location.

2. Time: (specially for brides) aside from providing services on the day of, I will be providing skincare advice, taking your emails and calls to answer questions and helping set a timeline for your day of service among other things. Your schedule becomes mine; if you have an early start in the morning, I have an even earlier start! All of the time spent reviewing your ideas, discussing styling option, providing skincare suggestions, going over scheduling, coordinating with event's planner etc. time is "on the clock".

3. Service: If you are having a theme wedding/debut or just any special event and need a special type of hair styling. I can provide it. If you have a large event/party that requires a second or even third makeup artist, I am happy to accommodate you-but remember that I have to compensate them fairly for their expertise, training, travel and labor as well. Large parties are more work to service and each event is different. (SO PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR BULK DISCOUNT) We are wholly dedicating our time to make this event a dream come true for you. As opposed to going to a salon or makeup counter where the main business is not for bridal/debut, you have reliable dedicated one on one costumer service to help ease you to the process of coordinating a hectic day. A salon makeup counter will not answer your frantic email at 11 pm....or the following up one at 8 am.

4. Experience & Professionalism: What made you contact me for services? i am sure factors like positive reviews on my social media, the look of my page, and the quality of my images brought you here in the first place.As trained professional in the beauty field my expertise is extensive and growing all the time with professional development and I bring this ever growing body of knowledge to each consultation. All of the training and experience makes me billable time as professional more valuable, the same way it does in any other profession.

5. Products and Tools: All of my products and tools are professional grade and kept in proper sanitary conditions in accordance with industry standards. This means not only constant acquisition of new products for testing and to replace ones that are depleted, but also maintaining stock of proper sanitation materials and disposables such as facial tissues, Qtips, makeup sponges, mascara wands, and false lashes, as well as hair pins to match the shade of hair. I am required to have makeup for every skin type and shade in addition to styling products and thermal tools appropriate for every hair type & texture. It adds up very quickly!

Beauty is my full time job: beauty is my passion and also how I pay my bills. From sun up to sun down, I am making making people look and feel good, researching and developing products, providing customer service, and practicing/honing my craft. Makeup and hair are a lot of fun, but it is also an intensely demanding job. I run the business end of things like paperwork and marketing as well as performing a wide spectrum of beauty services, and obviously I'm good at it because I'm not starving. Please value it because its not easy.

To conclude, realize that while it seems that price point of beauty service is automatically higher when it come to on-call makeup artists, the stakes are also higher. dedicated hair and makeup artist like myself work hard to provide once in a lifetime experience and shoulder important behind the scenes responsibilities to help your special day be unforgettable and joyful.



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  1. Great Noeh! Spread the word... �� tge rest will follow... Thank you!

    1. Great words coming from you too, Ms. Chi. Words that needs to shout out to the world. ♡

      All the best to us, HMUAs! ♡


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