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Humabi is a Tagalog term for weave. Believe it or not each fashionable bag of Humabi are made out of Tie Box! 

Ms. Erika w/ daughters, Patricia and Amanda designed the bags and they are weaved by the women ( most of them are mothers ) from the correctional institution of Davao City.

This idea started when the couple, Dr. Richard and Ms. Erika Soriano-Mata began supporting a few deserving but less fortunate students at the Philippine Science High school. The letters of appreciation given to them by the students really touched their hearts. "We hope we can do more to help more students if only we have more funds", the couple said.

Through a series of fortunate events and because of Mr. Erika's passion for fashion, HUMABI brand was born. The concept is to sell world-class bags in both design and quality but at the same time allowing every buyer to help the student scholars and also the mothers in the correctional as portions of every sale will go to these two groups.

Ms. Erika Soriano-Mata is very excited of 3 things about Humabi, which are:

1. To show to our recent creations and to impress you that tie boxes can do such wonderful designs.
2. To be of help the recipients mentioned with every buyer as the partner!
3. To show stunning women of Humabi. Because Humabi is a very new brand, we needed some push from popular Fashionista Mompreneurs of Davao City. When they heard about the purpose of this endeavor, they had no second thought but extended a helping hand to be our "Brand Ambassadors!"
Every day we will show our Beautiful Humabi Ambassadors one by one to inspire mothers with what they are doing and the same time promote Humabi!

*All bags are available in black,brown,red,white,yellow,orange,blue,pink,purple and green*


Hair by Reymark Montinola

Thank you so much, Ms. Erika Soriano-Mata 
for having my team. 

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