Monday, 11 May 2015

Jasmine B. Lee xx #MakeupbyNoeh

It was one lucky week for me last 29th to 31st of March 2015. One of my muse was a Philippine-born, South Korean television personality, actress and civil servant, Ms. JASMINE LEE. Elected as a proportional representative in South Korea's National Assembly in 2012, she is the first non-ethnic Korean and naturalized Korean to become a lawmaker.* It was truly a privileged to have met her and do her makeup and get to know her up close on her official visit to her native hometown, Panabo City.

Ms. Jasmine B. Lee on the cover of Groove Magazine
Weeks before her visit, I was booked via text by her people. Telling me I am needed on a four day hair and makeup event (March 28-31).  Prior to that, I was already booked on a series of makeup sessions on her first day here in Davao. I told them I can only accommodate on 2nd to fourth day of the event. In which they had no problems with. Fast forward to 29th of March on the day I met, Ms. Jasmine. I had no idea who she was at first. When she contacted me weeks earlier there was no discussion of who her identity was. So while I was doing my makeup, I did the usual Q&A to my clients. Where are you from? What do you do? What's the event and so on... Then she had me googled her name. I was in shock. Like, "OMG! Why didn't you tell me at first who you were then I would've canceled the booking prior to her." Lol

2nd day of the makeup sesh with Ms. Jasmine Lee
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Ms. Jasmine Lee was such a fun client to work with. I've learn a lot from the from the 3-days I get to interact with her. She is an intelligent, witty and a smart-ass S. Korean civil servant and the things that she shared to me that day was beyond.  I got a glimpse of  how S. Korean politics is and how it impacted that political arena by a proud Filipina. She knows what she's doing and she delivered. In fact, our local politicians should make her their role model on how to govern this country (Lolz). Truly a shinning beacon of hope for all migrants & an iconic figure in the S. Korean political history.
3rd day of the makeup sesh with Ms. Jasmine Lee
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 Thank you so much for having me. ♡ 

Airbrush Makeup by Noeh | Noeh Jani
Hair by Chuck Taylor

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*Wikipidea ~

Korean Beauty Goodies i got from Ms. Jasmine Lee. Yay! I'm one lucky MUA.
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