Sunday, 17 April 2011

What's inside your PURSE?

I asked a lot of people what's inside their purses.  Never really thought I'd be getting a lot of responses.  Tweeted all my friends, tweeted local celebs and also Hollywood personalities.  T'was a fun survey for me.  And up to know, I still receive answers.

They say you are what your bag is. A definition of your own unique style. A testament of one's personal sense of fashion. Cheap or designer brands, the kind you have is your own, and not others.

But I'm not here to argue what labels you're carrying. What I'm after for are the things hidden inside those FaB bargain or designer totes you're holding.

Like I said, your purse is your style but what's inside it is your personality.

Agree? Yeah! I hear people at the cheap seats yelling --- HELL NO!! LOL

So to really find out what really defines a person and their personality, I asked friends, local celebrities, Hollywood celebs about the things that they hide/store/hoard inside their purses.


I personally carry a few.  Back in college, I have a pouch of pens in several colors and some don't even work. LOL

Lea Salonga feels a little crazy about pens.  "My wallet, a pair of sunglasses, lip balm, hand cream (in the winter), hand sanitezer, a few pens, cellphone and headphones." I replied, "Few pens? Interesting!"  She tweeted me back with this message; "I'm just paranoid about pens. My purse feels naked without at least two pens 
in there."

I can totally relate to her.  The more pens you have, then it's HEAVEN!

Here are some of the answers I got from LOCAL CELEBs.  I took a screen shot of it.  Have fun and enjoy everyone...
Ram de Vera. Fashion Stylist for F.A.S.H
I call his bag the MURAKAMI Pharmacy!
Xeng Zulueta's tweeted a photo of her purse.. HEAVEN!
     PEN FREAKS! I love pens too..
Jennie Epherson, all in one. Business
and fashionin her purse.
Candy Pangilinan's purse. I love it! She carries religious stuff in  her purse.
Sitti's purse & Atom's reply.
Atom is sexy in his own. I love him too!
Geneva's! I love it that she has a journal in her purse.
Been following her in FB too.
BTW, we follow eachother in Twitter
I think we carry the same things.
My favourite fashionista and many more, Bianca Valerio.
Really nice to even apologize for the late reply. 
Just the basics. Right Ara? 
Very girly stuff from Sunshine Cruz-Montano
Xeng Zuluata - famous MUA.
i love her...

So those are the things hidden inside in our local celebrities' purses.  I love it! And I wanna thank them for answering to my girly queries.  SPREAD LOVE sweeties!!

And for my Hollywood celebs.

Funny and Hilarious answer. I love her too!
Debi Mazar, Madonn's BFF.
She won't reveal. She's funny too.
My uber favourite, Jeannie Mai.
I love her coz' we always exchange tweets.
She hosts "How Do I Look?" for Style Network
Trina, sister of Toni Braxton.  
Joan Rivers' daughter also hosts Red Carpet Events.
Celebrity Hair Expert, Trevor Cohenour.
He's giving me a free haircut! I love it!

And this famous celebrity blogger by the name of Ingrid, @TheBagHag in Twitter.  She's mother and a businesswoman and is based in Manila.  Travels to attend the fabulous events around the world and writes about it.  I love her job.  If only I can be her assistant.  I'd be much more fabulous.

The prob is, she didn't reveal much too.  She's writing about it in her blog soon.  Though she gave out a little something to moi.  Here it is. LOL
I begged and it didn't work! LOL
I love her! Hope she gives me at least one of her Hermes bags. LOL

That's all folks.  I have no idea what's the new question for my coming tweet survey.  But I have something in mind already.  Love it! 

SPREAD LOVE everyone!

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