Monday, 13 June 2011

Back To Work

RH Bill...
photo taken from my Instagram account
It has been a while since I've written a blog. Prolly the reason why I've been so lazy and did not bother to compose even a mere sentence is that I'm too busy catching up with my folks and friends here now  that I am home.  Also, discussing this RH Bill has taken most of my time. Grrrr!

The last thing I have been mumbling here is about purse's content.  Amazingly, I've got loads of responses from Hollywood to local celebrities to famous fashion bloggers. It was a fun blog for me.  I enjoyed all the tweet replies from famous personalties.  It's like you are really bonded and belong to the same circle. LOL  

my fantasy MU in one of the local
photoshoots I've done

This blog is not about me working in a company, and employed  and get paid on a fortnight/monthly/15-day basis.  No. No. No. Been there and done that. LOL  I have been out of work close to a year now.  But luckily, I have gigs here and there.  Been doing a lot of make-up jobs for wedding, parties and even pageants.  And it's not even like work for me coz' it's the thing I love to do most.  

So basically, my work now is to just blog (write & talk just about anything under the sun!) and do make-up for people who love and appreciate my work as a MUA.  These two thing I can do on a daily basis even without getting paid. LOL  (just pay my fare and internet bill!)

So from this point on, I will be writing and writing and writing.  There's not much to do now atm but just to write. LOL  Also hopes that I will be getting more followers too. LOL 

And oh before I forget, Hope you like my new layout.  Got tired of the black/gray/white theme.  I was told by a famous blogger to add more color in my site to attract more people. LOL  At least that's how I see it.  Feng Shui for a blogger's page. LOL

add me: @Noehs_Ark
So this is me back to work! Hahaha BTW, follow me in Twitter: @Noehs_Ark!


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