Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What Went Wrong?

Lastnight, as I was going through my usual routine before going to sleep. Washed faced, toned & moisturized. Then went to bed, tweeting to people, answering email, text and lastly, playing all MATCH THREE games you can think of. Just to help me put to sleep. Believe me, counting sheeps is so last decade!

Then just about I was to end and retire for the night, as my eyes are already burning from playing too much. I got a notification from Apple that there's a new iOs 5.01 something.

Anyways, I right away pressed Okay. Waited for almost ten minutes but then I got too sleepy for it so I went on to attend to my biological need to just sleep. Then after 7-8hours or so, i woke up so excited that my iPhone was updated. VIOLA! It prompted me to connect it w/ iTunes. I mean, the icon/photo that appeared on the screen are iTunes & usb cable with instructions that both has to be connected.

I got so worried. And my hunches were correct.

None of my files were retrieved! I'm doomed! All the contacts and all my favorite mobile photos all gone. Down the drain w/ nothing but zero, nada, back-up files.

I am just so devastated. Remember that episode where Carrie Bradshaw's laptop crashed and she failed to back-up all her documents? That was me. Exact situation.

I am just so SAD! :((


  1. This happened to me so many times. It's so so so sad and annoying!
    Anyway like your blog :)


  2. thanks for liking gorgeous.. :D

    i know.. it's just so sad to start from scratch again and build again your contacts and all..


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