Sunday, 13 March 2011

My Estée Lauder Encounter

So help me God! :)
I've always been fascinated with make-ups and the process of putting it on a plain canvas (or even distorted) and creating something so beautiful.  

Since I was in my pre-adolescent years, I have started using make-up.  Sneaking my mom's stuff every time she's not at home.  I remember, I enjoy putting it on my lids. Applying it in a not so perfect fashion.  Then erasing it again to make it look even on the other side.  (More like trial and error process) Recreating what I see in "Moms" magazines.  On how local celebrities make-up would be done by famous beauty experts.

James Cooper, Fanny Serrano and Ricky Reyes would rule the boob-tube when it comes to creating different looks.  I would copy how Sharon Cuneta's sophisticated do using different shades of blue.  From light to dark, creating an illusion of a deep seated and  doe eyes.  (At the same time, listening to 90's songs!)  All of these and more, inspired me on why I wanted to make people look beautiful.

2004: Hair and Makeup
I did for my sister's wedding.
1997, was the year I earned my first pay check as a make-up artist.  I did a sister's friend wedding make-up.  I remember, I did a simple, au naturalle, blushing-blooming look to the bride (combination of pinks, mauves, nude and browns).  It was at that time, the major colours in the runways of New York, Italy and Paris.  Going natural was the way to be.  Since then and now, I have in some way, made this a living and a way of earning extra income part time.  And I have always partnered with a good friend, Ryan Wong - also, up to now, continues to hone his craft as a make-up artist.

Last Thursday, 10th of March.  I had a chance to meet with one of the executives of Estée Lauder for the brand La Mer and Bobbi Brown.  I was up for an interview, qualified after several screenings that I am considered for the job as a make-up artist.  I was so overwhelmed.  I mean, that's Estée Lauder.  A renowned company that holds several brands.  A multi-billion company that is.  The final interview went very casual.  Jasmine, who I spoke to was so elegant and very sophisticated.  Charming and bubbly.  The interview went on like a chat in some, early morning show (Good Morning America).  As always, I was candid and spontaneous with how I answered every question.  I asked her questions too.  LOL  She was honest and happy to answer them.  All in all, the rapport was fabulous and chic like SATC in their Sunday brunch.

2011 Pilates Instructor/Couture Model, Sash in
our tribute to the movie "The Black Swan"
MUA/Photograper: Noeh A. Jani
I was told that I am fit and very right for the job.  The only problem is, I fail to have one qualification which is a degree/diploma/certification that I have undergone proper schooling/training as a make-up artist.  And if I will be applied to M.O.M. (Ministry of Manpower - the government agency that issues work permit/pass to foreigners), I will not be issued with a pass cause I lack documents to support this profession.

I didn't feel bad.  I was even inspired to do better and to further pursue this career professionally.  In fact, she did gave a lot of advices.  Telling me to enrol myself locally here in SG and then email/call  her again once I earn that diploma and if I want a job in Estee Lauder.  It sounded like she was mentoring me.  And it did feel good.  Promising even!

I think what she saw in me was a passion in the craft.  Maybe she saw herself in me when she was still starting.  Or maybe she just like me because I'm me.  For whatever it is, THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE WAS WORTH IT! Educational and very informative.  At least now, I know how to conquer that company. Right? Weeeee!

This is the scenario in Estee Lauder office.  

Imagine the scene in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada?"  Everyone is so chic.  Designer boots, stilettos, pumps and the likes (I saw Loubuotin's, Ferregamo, Chanel, Tod's, Prada and etc. - all the latest and some classics) clangs the hallways of the office.  T'was 12nn that time when I arrived there for my 1pm interview.  Of course, with those designer shoes,  adorned with stylish office wears that can transform to evening party clothes.  All sophistication.  It was like, I was in that movie.  And not to mention the interior design of the office.  Jasmine, who did the inteview was a combination of Zhang Ziyi and Kim Chu.  

So that's it.  

That was my Estée Lauder encounter.

Miranda Priestly's office.


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  2. @ Ryan - weee! you're welcome gorgeous.. and thanks too. :D


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