Friday, 4 March 2011

. . . . NOT FOR SALE . . . .

lighter from a friend
For more than two years now, I became a member of the Singleton’s Anonymous (S.A.). Two years without someone who you spend idle minutes doing nothing but stare at each other’s not-so-perfect eyes, or just smell your partner’s not-so-minty breath and humping while you exhaust all energy you have. Those times while I was a S.A. member (not a choice, a circumstance!), I enjoyed myself with friends thru drinking, partying, outdoor activities, roadtrips, videoke, TV series marathons (thanks to piracy-guilty pleasure!), cooking for my family, bargain hunting, work, and more work, foreign exams and et cetera.

But I never really thought of myself as S.A., I fought with the idea by making myself busy all the time. It’s always true that when all your waking hours you do something and busy yourself with anything, you don’t think of yourself as S.A. It’s not like you’re really force to do things, but work and goals in life you try to pursue does ermake things easier for you to forget why you’re at some S.A. convention (trying to have fun with your single friends). 

While doing all crazy stuff to relieve the pressure of having someone, and subconsciously you forget that you really are a single/pathetic creature in this all-with-partners/need-to-have-B/GF world, there at the most unpredictable and at a big surprise, you find yourself - not really in love, but in someone’s strong and big arms. It’s not really that you wanted so bad to start a relationship, but opportunity rarely comes (although it does for me all the time…LOL), but this one is worth to start with. This someone I have now is the one I’ve dreamt of having. I mean, he treats you like he is someone straight out from those romantic movies which we all dream of wanting to be the leading ladies they love monogamously. And to top it all, he has everything, including the right package that comes with the biggest gadget. That rarely comes. And a rare opportunity must be agreed upon with right away, with no questions asked!

Okay, this has been going on for almost four weeks now. Every minute of it is worthwhile. We do a lot of crazy things with his crazy gadget (get the picture) but nothing really I feel now is what they call L.O.V.E. As we are about to reach our four-week journey, I’ve come to realize that I’m NOT FOR SALE. This bitch is still on the market. But for the moment, with this one, I can hoard myself so to keep the stocks high. Beside, this guy’s thing is rare for me and I’m currently into gadgets. 


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Currently, I don't have his celly anymore so I have no idea where he is now. We went out for over a year and it was fun. I think he is now a policeman. Cute right?! urggghhhhh With all the uniform and stuff. . . 

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