Friday, 21 October 2011

Miss Piggy For MAC Cosmetics

Hey DOLLs!

One of my fave characters in The Muppet Show is Miss Piggy. Why? Because she's a DIVA and nothing like her in Hollywood history has matched such charisma, attitude, glamour and fabulous lifestyle. She is undeniably the best in the industry.

Back then, as a kid, I wanted to be like her. I mean, she knows how to work it. And I LOVE LOVE her just like Kermit do. Oh, she's such a darlin'! Not only Kermit, but the whole world is captivated by her.

What's good about it now is that, I can emulate her winning looks because MAC has commisioned her to create a line based on her timeless DIVA pegs. Three MAC products dedicated to her signature, traffic stopping looks. And I can't wait to get my hands on this line of MAC MU. All available now. LOVE IT!

Here's THE MISS PIGGY For MAC Make-up Line.
1.Piggy-pink cheeks
2.Marc Jacobs-wooing eyelashes
3. Liquid liner


I think that blush totally complements my tone. #excited


  1. talk about some dramatic eye make-up!!! me likey :)

  2. @ Snazzy - IKR? Some statement eye make-up that will make sure to stand out and get you noticed. LOVE IT!

  3. @ Maridy - Yeah! She's all over! FAB as always ans glamourous!!

  4. @ Cute - haha. I know. we all love her! :D


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