Saturday, 22 October 2011


Nothing breaks my heart more than anything in this world but children who are in desperate need of LOVE.

Today is a very sad but a fulfilling day for both me & my good friend, Yves who is celebrating her pre-birthday soiree with children who are orphans in this side of the world. The group's minister, refused to be named as they want no attention or whatsoever to his orphanage because it is a private institution that is funded by several businessmen in the city.

As we were preparing the kids before the party formally started. I personally couldn't help but start to be a little teary knowing that these children are abandoned or w/ parents that died and several other heart breaking stories that led to their present situation.

I always have a soft spot for little children who are in pain. Im a frustrated wannabe mom, that explains how close I am to my nieces & nephew. So wannabe-mom that I border this "mommyger" or stage mom to their every school performance. So, I want nothing more but only the best for the kids coz' they deserve all the LOVE & attention. And to see innocent lives being taken away with the most essential relationship that would nurture them for the rest of their lives especially their childhood, totally sad & heart breaking.

However, sad as it may seem. We are so blessed that we were able to share a little something to these kids. When I learned about this plan months ago, that Yves is organizing a little party for underprivileged kids. I right away volunteered to join. And a lot of our friends also pitched in by sharing what they have financially.

It was a successful party for these kids. To see a lot of genuine smiles you know that have warmed their hearts in a way coz we made them feel wanted. And I know that is something big to them. And in our own little way, we have shared a little of what we have too.

At the end of the party, we were so happy to have helped these unwanted & abandoned kids. It's those little moments in our blessed life & as we grow older, we don't need anymore any of those WILD COLORFUL soirees with boozes that makes you forget the night of your party. We want a party that is as meaning as having to share your blessings with these kind of people. And it's a differend kind of happiness, fulfillment & satisfaction when you are able to help such group of people.

For sure, this is not only the beginning. But just a start.

With that, I want to thank Yves for taking me here to Mati City and letting me experience it all. LOVES it! Happy birthday, Mama!


Excited for our island hopping tomorrow!
Will take lots & lots of photos!
(Pardon the photos in this post as all of which are taken using my phone. Im making this blog entry and the one before this using my iphone. Just so happy Im able to do it with this new Blogger app. LOVES it! So convenient & easy!)


  1. good done :)



  2. I am doing a Giveaway:


  3. @ Maria Antoinette - i know! thanks :D

  4. @ The Rule of Mr Kane - Oh I see. Sounds interesting. will check it in a few! :D

  5. you guys are so sweet... me and some of my chat clan are doing charity works every year in an children orphanage also, but this year i don't think we can do that again. but i hope we can because that's the greatest thing in my life...

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  6. @ Cute Princess - I once read that doing CHARITY is the loan we pay for heaven. and that being said, I think we ought to do it if we are able and have enough to share.

    It's nice to know you and your friends do that. Its a wonderful feeling and a diff sense of fulfilment when you do it! :D


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