Thursday, 20 March 2014

Makeup for #JCIDuwaling Ladies

Last 8th of March 2014, I had the privilege to glam up two #JCI beauties. It was a fun experience for me as I did again both the hair and makeup of these two. 

Ms. Yassy, a mother of three just had her locks cut really short and I couldn't be more happy to see her with the new cut as it made her really young, fierce and hip. I gave a really soft shade of mocha on her lids and highlight on the brow bone a matte shade. Finished it of with really defined lashes and liner, both upper and lower. Falsies was applied. Soft and glossy nude pink lips gave the overall look a really fresh vibe.

Ms. Yassy Fabricante. A work-at-home mom of three.
Second client was Captain Jhoiy. A 30 y.o. mom who is in the service for more than 5 years. She told me she is not fun of wearing makeup. And if she does, a lipstick is the only thing you can find in her bag. Capt. Jhoiy is blessed with fabulous skin. So the makeup base application on her was easy breezy. I gave her a toned-down smokey eyes and lined it with a little wing to create drama on the eyes. Lashes helped set the mood and it defined further the winged liner. Lots of mascara both lower and upper lashes. She showed me her dress and I was thinking the whole look will complement a classic, one sided soft curls to give it a timeless, vintage-ish fabuleux over all appeal. And it really did. Soft pink lips completed the whole ensemble and it can never go wrong with any color of dress.

Captain Jhoiy in her fabulous classic look. Carpet ready and not so army on a field friendly look. Yay!
Thanks again ladies for having me.

More photos taken from the clients accounts.


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