Tuesday, 1 April 2014

One Woman Show!

Last Saturday, 29th of March 2014 was a one woman show full of makeup day. Not only that. I traveled the city's north to south area to do makeup of my clients.

But before my full day even started, my 6y.o. loving and  thoughtful niece asked me to do her makeup for their school's commencement move-up exercise.  I just swept HD Blush on her cheeks and curled and stroked mascara on her beautiful lashes and some pink gloss on her lips. It always makes her happy everytime I do her makeup whenever they have school activity. Congratulations, little one for bagging three medals. Love you, baby!

My pretty little girl, ShaSha.

Second client of the day was Ms. Charish who booked me 3 months earlier. I really love it that clients book ahead of time. It means that they are really serious to looking really fabulous and respect our profession as makeup artists.  Ms Charish requested for an airbrush makeup. The challenge of doing makeup alone is that you don't have someone to assist you in carrying your makeups tools and other stuff. 

Ms Charish's concern was that her eyes appears even a lot smaller with more makeup. And it was a challenge to do makeup on her eyes coz' I've never encountered such tiny eyes. Even my niece's eyes don't compare. The hard part was the falsies application and curling her lashes. But I managed. Thanks heaven. 

I gave her smokey eyes as the event she's going is a night shinding. Some natural hair falsies with really thin to invisible base to really give her eye a defined lashes and nude lippy. 

Hair and Airbrush Makeup by me
Saw these photos on Eight Production's AVP of last Saturday's event. My client looked so gorgeous. 

Ms Isza is my 17 y.o. client who is attending their school's formal dinner. She was undecided if she'll braids or curls. But when I saw her dress. BRAIDs will totally nail it. Gave her a really fresh makeup. She said she lacks sleep coz of her studies and her skin is taking a toll of all the stresses of her school responsibilities. So what I gave her is a really fresh makeup appropriate for her age. :) Defined brows and lashes and some pale pink lippies.

Hair and makeup by me

Hair and makeup by me

It was a busy day really and it was fun doing all of their makeup. Fullfillment comes to you when you enjoy what you're doing and you see happy clients telling you they're satisfied and send you gorge photos wearing your hair and makeup. 


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