Wednesday, 23 February 2011

4th Day - no photos but let's scribble down the picture for the day

Small country but with soooo much diversity.  I believe the tiny area can't contain all the nationalities that converge in this quaint little country that is mixed with different cultures.  

Singapore has a long history of immigration. According to Google, there are slightly over 5 million people in Singapore of which 2.91 million are born locally. Forty-three percent of the population in Singapore is foreign born. [1] Singapore has a diverse population made up mainly of Asians (mostly ChineseMalaysIndiansAsians of various other descents) and some Caucasians.  

So basically, you see and hear different colors and languages in the malls, SMRTs and buses.  And not to mention the distinct smell of each of the races that crowd the public transportations.  Some not so good, some are pungent, some are like their home-cooked dishes that define their cutlure, and some are just elegant -masked by designer fragrance (that's moi, I'm wearing D&G Light Blue).  Thus, all that make up and define the hustle, bustle, sights, sounds and smell of SINGAPORE.

It's my 4th day here in SG.  I  was supposed to be out for another tour to familiarize myself with MRT/bus rides going around the city.  Still for me is a foreign (LOL, ofcourse you're in foreign country) idea considering back in Davao (Philippines) We have different options and train ride is not one of them.  But due to crazy weather, I am stucked in our condo coz' of the windy rain. 

So here I am, making my first ever new blog in blogspot.  Still a newbie and I don't know how to edit the face of my page.  What I have in mind  though is something classic and vintage-ish. I have a design in mind and I don't even know  to do it.

The following days will chronicle the new life I have here in SG.  Hope all things go well as planned. Till the next blog. :D

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