Wednesday, 23 February 2011

DATING. Are you seeing someone SPECIAL?

Poker guy
Newly engaged girlfriend: ""Seeing someone special?"
Miranda: "Actually no! But I'm seeing a whole bunch of UNSPECIAL guys. That's one requirement to date me. Are you special? Oh no. Move along. But if you have any unspecial friends. Could you give them my number." (Sex and The City – season IV, first episode: The Agony and The Ex-tacy)

January is almost over people! February is just around the block. And the truly anticipated, much talked about event is almost here. The V Day!! ♥ Urgh!

So here's QUESTION #1. Do you have a dress for the occasion? And if you do. Do you have a plan on where to wear it? And if so, is there someone in the picture who can help you undress that fabulous bargain or that credit card burning ensemble you bought. Hmmp! Pressure is on!

OMG. Why is everyone putting too much premium on that coming date? Can't we make everyday a V Day. For the record, I only went out once on that particular date. The last time I was with someone on that particular date was I think eight years ago. And he was a “reggae” guy. Sexy, tattooed and wild. We dated for almost two years and it was fun. I never thought that all the places you go to on that particular date: restaurants and “dark lit rooms with fluffy pillows” would be full. It's funny coz' the passion were burning and there's no area to deal with all of it. :-) Haha

Dating. I'm seeing not exclusively for quite sometime already. Two years at that. But we both know that what we have is just for THE FUN OF IT. Yes. We do fight like couples do, say the right words at the right time. Do things for eachother like most lovers do. And all that shit. Also do crazy things to keep the fire burning. Even played the CAPULET and MONTAGUE feud. But still, we're not exclusive. That's why people go on DATES. To satisfy what we keep on struggling to have. In search of THE ONE. And recently, I think I'm now what they classify as a SERIAL DATER.

Since January started, I've been with several dates already. Seen the worst part of dating. Seen the fun part of it. Seen even the icky, shitty and corny stuff in it. We rarely go on dates coz' it H.A.G.U. (read: exhausting). Not only we have to always put our best foot forward. Also you have to be not yourself on those times. First two weeks of January I was constantly seeing this guy who just loves to play POKER. So let's just name him, the POKER GUY. All the time we were together we always talk about that game. Then little did I know, that we were just BLUFFING. Playing it like that poker shit. Funny coz' it was just a spur of the moment date given to me by my friend, Jane. Someone else's trash might be someone else's treasure. That's what I had in mind. But in this case. It wasn't. I figured, he was a trash too. That's why that friend of mine threw him away. Ewww! For this reason, I suggest that people should know how to dispose of garbage properly. Segregation classification: Di-Nabubulok or Nabubulok! Or maybe, CENRO will have another classification: TALAGANG BULOK!

Then the most recent was with BANKER. We already dated few years back. As he told me, the last time he saw me was seven years ago. And I just love love love FACEBOOK coz' this is where we reconnected. Sweet! Anyways, what I know is that he is somewhat kinda “special.” (pm me if you wanna know why!) Years ago he did things to me. Those few years back sort of opened me to a new world and up to know I owe him that. And that puts him to the special list. Weee.

And then there's BOWOW. We just love to hate each other or hate to love each other or whatever for more than two years now. Haha. And that HATE-LOVE-HATE cycle is exclusively for the two of us but we're not REALLY exclusive. Haha. I was told to let myself out of it, even his Dad. But can't coz' I just ♥ to play with FIRE!Haha.

Which leads us to QUESTION #2. What is special? Duh?! Up to now, I'm still confused on what qualifies a person SPECIAL. Extra cheese? More cream? What? There are those that you went out with almost forever, and people will tick beside that name coz' he is special. Dated again coz' you both had something before and that is “somewhat” special. Or is it, that we are just too caught up with the idea that everyone we meet, this might be special. You COLLECTED several guys for your disposal but can't figure who amongst them is SPECIAL. :-) Down right confusing aight?

Chill. Relax. Enjoy the moment. And steer clear of that thought. Stop bickering your mind with that crazy idea that HE IS THE ONE . Because that will only give way to stress. Again, stress is something we'd like to stay away from cause it will leave a mark on your skin. Hehe. And that will only hinder THE ONE you're supposed to have spend your lifetime with. So just enjoy every moment and don't stress about it.

Just a thought: I'm not anymore going on dates this coming V Day. Not letting that happened to me again. But I'm, however, going to spend that special day with my bestfriends. The special friends I've had for almost twenty years. See you Bessss on the 14th of February.
(old post, published Feb 2010 in my Facebook account.)


  1. 素晴らしい subarashi,,,,

  2. congratulations again mr. lennard... and i have to google pa tlga what that word means... flattered tuloy ako.. LOL tc


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