Saturday, 26 February 2011

Life is a MAZE!

buying my EZ link SMRT card
One way of educating yourself on how to get around a new city is to commute like the locals do. 

Yesterday, me and my sister, yet again braved the city on our own.  Took the 195 bus going to Tiong Bahru enroute to take our SMRT for Bugis.   But we took the wrong 195bus.    Circling the whole stretch  of Commonwealth Disctrict.  From the usual 10minute ride from our place, it took us more than 40minutess.  Another lesson learned for us. 

It's been six fun days since I arrived here in SG.  Everyday, I am amazed by how this magnificent jungle of metropolis have been engineered.  Connecting underground walkways that links the malls and SMRT terminals to other malls of the opposite street.  IT'S LIKE A MAZE IN HERE.  That's excluding different levels of SMRT rides for different lanes, route interchange and all.   A labyrinth of rides that  needs getting used to and a lot of checking with  the maps.  I'm like the GAY-DORA THE EXPLORER. LOL
my 22SGD worth of EZ link
According to a web article, "There is no better way to uncover Singapore's hidden charms than by taking a ride on an SMRT bus. Whether you are headed for a tourist attraction or a little-known corner of the island, we will take you there. With a fleet of 800 buses plying 74 routes, you are sure to discover something new about Singapore on your journey with us." [1]  True to form, it really is confusing but a fun way to get to know the city's attractions.

cute and really nice my first taste of SG men 
Tonight, we'll be exploring the nightlife here in SG. Lastnight, I had a preview of what's in store for expats/tourists/locals in Clark Quay.  And I was lucky to have had a chance of meeting someone.  I call it my first taste of SG delicacy. LOL 

But before the party starts, I have to cook for my friends.  Serving tonight: Tinolang Bangus w/ Shrimps and Sauteed Kangkong. 

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