Thursday, 24 February 2011

What defines STYLE?

What I love about being new in town is that you get to see what locals do on a regular, working day.  Experience the rush.  The adrenaline pumping energy they give as they trek the concrete Amazon of SG. And the best thing about it all, is to see what they wear as they hop from one Tarzan's steel rope to another.

it says here that--"I go for fashion over comfort!"
Like I said, I am a sucker for fashion.  I may not be able to buy the most expensive bag, clothes, and shoes.  But that doesn't mean I can't afford the best clothes there is.  As they say, fashion is not just about high-end brands but a sense of personal style.  Style however is not something that can be bought OTC.  It's yours and yours forever. And yes, you can have Rachel Zoe or Liz Uy's number in your speed dial but at the end of the day, your sense of style is not defined by yourself but theirs.  Too bad.

a simple -i heart shirt- can make/break it!

Which leads us back to the main reason why I'm prowling the streets of Orchard - to check the daily fashions of the people that crowd the busy runway. As Orchard is known for it's high-low end designer shops as it is also the entertainment hub of the city-state, both frequented by locals and tourists.  And these frequenters are a nice select group to make a good observation.  Also a good way to educate myself on where and how get around and catch the city's best finds (read: quality/stylish at a bargain).  As well as what and what not to wear.

travelling in bad fashion?
Culture? Yes.  Status? Maybe. Education? Uhumm. 

So what defines style? Basically, a mix of everything. Right? Classic and eclectic w/ a little funkiness.  That's me.  Well, atleast that's how I see it. (back in the day, I used to watch all Old Hollywood movies --maybe that influenced on how I wear clothes).  What about you?

And here's a thought --- don't go maxing out your CC's with LVs and D&Gs looking like a paper bag wrapped in plastic.  Worst is, they think you're wearing knock offs.  LOL Yes it helps coz' it can accessorize but looking like a walking billboard is a big NO NO! 

Create your very own personal style and always have fun with FASHION! 


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