Monday, 28 February 2011

♥ An Affair To Remember ♥

CChicken Crepe w/ Bundabersg 
Ginger Beer in Marche'
Affair - according to Thesaurus is synonymous to words - matter, business, event, issue, situation, thing, and concern. These words singularly describes my “AFFAIR” with the evil culprit – THE FOOD.

Just minutes before I made this blog, I was at the mall partying at my nephew’s 2nd birthday at Jollibee. You know this thing eating with your family and you tend to really get in the vibe of the family “getting-together” and eat out. All of you are in the mood to eat because food is meant to be shared with your loved ones. And because you’re with your loved ones, the appetite is even more heightened. Which often than not, every bit of it is bad, sinful and FATTENING! Imagine this, I have one serving of vanilla ice cream with rice crispies on top, one buttered chicken-breast part with rice and wicked gravy (the chicken will be lonely without it’s constant companion – the rice!), one serving of spaghetti and one glass of coke. All of it in one sitting! To think all of it is enough to feed a famished African family.

The Famous Ya Kun Kaya Toast, est. 1944
I do not have issues with self-esteem. It is just that seeing myself with fitted tee and my bulging tummy is not so F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S at all. You know how it feels when you walk or relating to people while you squeeze in your stomach to make it look flat? Despite the not-so-obvious effort in tucking it in, it is still visible and the worse part of it is you look awkward. 

The relationship I have with THE FOOD is great, if not great, productive with GUILT attached. I guess that is what they always tell you that if it GIVES YOU GUILT then you have to let go. Although I’ve been doing everything I can to control my sinful affair, measures are not so successful. I have been trying ways to cut it down, especially the CARBS but I failed. I lack discipline and drive to stop myself and I really cannot do it. For years, I have always longed to have six-packed abs and still I have not achieved it. Up to now, I still don’t know where to begin.

Oyster Omelet & Grass Juice in
Tiong Bahru Public Market

Hopefully next blog will be – FAREWELL TO RICE…..


This is a repost from my Friendster account last May 7th, 2007 at 5:25 am and is filed under The Diary of Noeh A. Jani.

I still have the LOVE-HATE relationship with food.. But mostly L.O.V.E. 

I'm new in this city and I just can't stop trying and experimenting local cuisines.  Street foods and "hawkers" (local food courts in streets) are the best way to explore the city's authentic taste.  And I love and enjoy every bite. 

FYI, I'm still on a mission to search on the best food there is in SG. Weeee!  

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Life is a MAZE!

buying my EZ link SMRT card
One way of educating yourself on how to get around a new city is to commute like the locals do. 

Yesterday, me and my sister, yet again braved the city on our own.  Took the 195 bus going to Tiong Bahru enroute to take our SMRT for Bugis.   But we took the wrong 195bus.    Circling the whole stretch  of Commonwealth Disctrict.  From the usual 10minute ride from our place, it took us more than 40minutess.  Another lesson learned for us. 

It's been six fun days since I arrived here in SG.  Everyday, I am amazed by how this magnificent jungle of metropolis have been engineered.  Connecting underground walkways that links the malls and SMRT terminals to other malls of the opposite street.  IT'S LIKE A MAZE IN HERE.  That's excluding different levels of SMRT rides for different lanes, route interchange and all.   A labyrinth of rides that  needs getting used to and a lot of checking with  the maps.  I'm like the GAY-DORA THE EXPLORER. LOL
my 22SGD worth of EZ link
According to a web article, "There is no better way to uncover Singapore's hidden charms than by taking a ride on an SMRT bus. Whether you are headed for a tourist attraction or a little-known corner of the island, we will take you there. With a fleet of 800 buses plying 74 routes, you are sure to discover something new about Singapore on your journey with us." [1]  True to form, it really is confusing but a fun way to get to know the city's attractions.

cute and really nice my first taste of SG men 
Tonight, we'll be exploring the nightlife here in SG. Lastnight, I had a preview of what's in store for expats/tourists/locals in Clark Quay.  And I was lucky to have had a chance of meeting someone.  I call it my first taste of SG delicacy. LOL 

But before the party starts, I have to cook for my friends.  Serving tonight: Tinolang Bangus w/ Shrimps and Sauteed Kangkong. 

Thursday, 24 February 2011

What defines STYLE?

What I love about being new in town is that you get to see what locals do on a regular, working day.  Experience the rush.  The adrenaline pumping energy they give as they trek the concrete Amazon of SG. And the best thing about it all, is to see what they wear as they hop from one Tarzan's steel rope to another.

it says here that--"I go for fashion over comfort!"
Like I said, I am a sucker for fashion.  I may not be able to buy the most expensive bag, clothes, and shoes.  But that doesn't mean I can't afford the best clothes there is.  As they say, fashion is not just about high-end brands but a sense of personal style.  Style however is not something that can be bought OTC.  It's yours and yours forever. And yes, you can have Rachel Zoe or Liz Uy's number in your speed dial but at the end of the day, your sense of style is not defined by yourself but theirs.  Too bad.

a simple -i heart shirt- can make/break it!

Which leads us back to the main reason why I'm prowling the streets of Orchard - to check the daily fashions of the people that crowd the busy runway. As Orchard is known for it's high-low end designer shops as it is also the entertainment hub of the city-state, both frequented by locals and tourists.  And these frequenters are a nice select group to make a good observation.  Also a good way to educate myself on where and how get around and catch the city's best finds (read: quality/stylish at a bargain).  As well as what and what not to wear.

travelling in bad fashion?
Culture? Yes.  Status? Maybe. Education? Uhumm. 

So what defines style? Basically, a mix of everything. Right? Classic and eclectic w/ a little funkiness.  That's me.  Well, atleast that's how I see it. (back in the day, I used to watch all Old Hollywood movies --maybe that influenced on how I wear clothes).  What about you?

And here's a thought --- don't go maxing out your CC's with LVs and D&Gs looking like a paper bag wrapped in plastic.  Worst is, they think you're wearing knock offs.  LOL Yes it helps coz' it can accessorize but looking like a walking billboard is a big NO NO! 

Create your very own personal style and always have fun with FASHION! 


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

4th Day - no photos but let's scribble down the picture for the day

Small country but with soooo much diversity.  I believe the tiny area can't contain all the nationalities that converge in this quaint little country that is mixed with different cultures.  

Singapore has a long history of immigration. According to Google, there are slightly over 5 million people in Singapore of which 2.91 million are born locally. Forty-three percent of the population in Singapore is foreign born. [1] Singapore has a diverse population made up mainly of Asians (mostly ChineseMalaysIndiansAsians of various other descents) and some Caucasians.  

So basically, you see and hear different colors and languages in the malls, SMRTs and buses.  And not to mention the distinct smell of each of the races that crowd the public transportations.  Some not so good, some are pungent, some are like their home-cooked dishes that define their cutlure, and some are just elegant -masked by designer fragrance (that's moi, I'm wearing D&G Light Blue).  Thus, all that make up and define the hustle, bustle, sights, sounds and smell of SINGAPORE.

It's my 4th day here in SG.  I  was supposed to be out for another tour to familiarize myself with MRT/bus rides going around the city.  Still for me is a foreign (LOL, ofcourse you're in foreign country) idea considering back in Davao (Philippines) We have different options and train ride is not one of them.  But due to crazy weather, I am stucked in our condo coz' of the windy rain. 

So here I am, making my first ever new blog in blogspot.  Still a newbie and I don't know how to edit the face of my page.  What I have in mind  though is something classic and vintage-ish. I have a design in mind and I don't even know  to do it.

The following days will chronicle the new life I have here in SG.  Hope all things go well as planned. Till the next blog. :D

DATING. Are you seeing someone SPECIAL?

Poker guy
Newly engaged girlfriend: ""Seeing someone special?"
Miranda: "Actually no! But I'm seeing a whole bunch of UNSPECIAL guys. That's one requirement to date me. Are you special? Oh no. Move along. But if you have any unspecial friends. Could you give them my number." (Sex and The City – season IV, first episode: The Agony and The Ex-tacy)

January is almost over people! February is just around the block. And the truly anticipated, much talked about event is almost here. The V Day!! ♥ Urgh!

So here's QUESTION #1. Do you have a dress for the occasion? And if you do. Do you have a plan on where to wear it? And if so, is there someone in the picture who can help you undress that fabulous bargain or that credit card burning ensemble you bought. Hmmp! Pressure is on!

OMG. Why is everyone putting too much premium on that coming date? Can't we make everyday a V Day. For the record, I only went out once on that particular date. The last time I was with someone on that particular date was I think eight years ago. And he was a “reggae” guy. Sexy, tattooed and wild. We dated for almost two years and it was fun. I never thought that all the places you go to on that particular date: restaurants and “dark lit rooms with fluffy pillows” would be full. It's funny coz' the passion were burning and there's no area to deal with all of it. :-) Haha

Dating. I'm seeing not exclusively for quite sometime already. Two years at that. But we both know that what we have is just for THE FUN OF IT. Yes. We do fight like couples do, say the right words at the right time. Do things for eachother like most lovers do. And all that shit. Also do crazy things to keep the fire burning. Even played the CAPULET and MONTAGUE feud. But still, we're not exclusive. That's why people go on DATES. To satisfy what we keep on struggling to have. In search of THE ONE. And recently, I think I'm now what they classify as a SERIAL DATER.

Since January started, I've been with several dates already. Seen the worst part of dating. Seen the fun part of it. Seen even the icky, shitty and corny stuff in it. We rarely go on dates coz' it H.A.G.U. (read: exhausting). Not only we have to always put our best foot forward. Also you have to be not yourself on those times. First two weeks of January I was constantly seeing this guy who just loves to play POKER. So let's just name him, the POKER GUY. All the time we were together we always talk about that game. Then little did I know, that we were just BLUFFING. Playing it like that poker shit. Funny coz' it was just a spur of the moment date given to me by my friend, Jane. Someone else's trash might be someone else's treasure. That's what I had in mind. But in this case. It wasn't. I figured, he was a trash too. That's why that friend of mine threw him away. Ewww! For this reason, I suggest that people should know how to dispose of garbage properly. Segregation classification: Di-Nabubulok or Nabubulok! Or maybe, CENRO will have another classification: TALAGANG BULOK!

Then the most recent was with BANKER. We already dated few years back. As he told me, the last time he saw me was seven years ago. And I just love love love FACEBOOK coz' this is where we reconnected. Sweet! Anyways, what I know is that he is somewhat kinda “special.” (pm me if you wanna know why!) Years ago he did things to me. Those few years back sort of opened me to a new world and up to know I owe him that. And that puts him to the special list. Weee.

And then there's BOWOW. We just love to hate each other or hate to love each other or whatever for more than two years now. Haha. And that HATE-LOVE-HATE cycle is exclusively for the two of us but we're not REALLY exclusive. Haha. I was told to let myself out of it, even his Dad. But can't coz' I just ♥ to play with FIRE!Haha.

Which leads us to QUESTION #2. What is special? Duh?! Up to now, I'm still confused on what qualifies a person SPECIAL. Extra cheese? More cream? What? There are those that you went out with almost forever, and people will tick beside that name coz' he is special. Dated again coz' you both had something before and that is “somewhat” special. Or is it, that we are just too caught up with the idea that everyone we meet, this might be special. You COLLECTED several guys for your disposal but can't figure who amongst them is SPECIAL. :-) Down right confusing aight?

Chill. Relax. Enjoy the moment. And steer clear of that thought. Stop bickering your mind with that crazy idea that HE IS THE ONE . Because that will only give way to stress. Again, stress is something we'd like to stay away from cause it will leave a mark on your skin. Hehe. And that will only hinder THE ONE you're supposed to have spend your lifetime with. So just enjoy every moment and don't stress about it.

Just a thought: I'm not anymore going on dates this coming V Day. Not letting that happened to me again. But I'm, however, going to spend that special day with my bestfriends. The special friends I've had for almost twenty years. See you Bessss on the 14th of February.
(old post, published Feb 2010 in my Facebook account.)

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