Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Extremes and LOVING IT!

Hey DOLLs! :))
How are you all doing?
Two days and I have no post. I'm terrible!!
Well, for starters, 
I've been busy again with partying at night and babysitting by day. 
All my nieces and nephew stayed with us for three nights coz' of the long weekend (Saturday-Tuesday). Just can't resist my cute little babies. 
Coz' they all want their "Mommy!" all the time. And that's ME.
Funny coz' they all call me mommy. I LOVE IT!
Yup. I'm a frustrated mother. 
A big wannabe-mom! LOL

Anyhow, I've been meaning to write about some of the outdoor adventures I've been doin' lately.
Enjoying life and just living it to the fullest. 
I just realized that after escaping death last 18th of June this year.
OMG! That experience was just revolting. 
I was in a bad car accident and luckily I was not hurt. 
I somehow cheated death coz' I was sober at that time. 
And to think I was partied like crazy before it happened. 
Was just so lucky I'm still here and blogging about this.

Well, I'm not really focusing on that. 
I am however, will be talking about taking another chance in life. 
And how I want to experience it all. 
The adrenaline rush and heart pumping adventures.
Enjoying every second of it to the fullest!

This ride is from Outland Adventure
My very first of such. 
I chickened out before the actual ride. 
I'm sort of of acrophobic (afraid of heights) that right before I was set off to be released 
and start the ride, I refused and got out of it. 
In a snap. Almost cried. :((((
It took me almost around 30minutes to gather my composure 
and decided to just let go and enjoy the experience. 
It was really fun.
I mean, it's safe and how could you not try it. 
You get to see the best view. 
It was LOVE!
Outland Adventure! With my friends, Joy and Meng. 
All geared up and ready for the zip!

At Camp Sabros!
They have the longest and highest by far I've tried.
I think I was on the air for more than 60 seconds. 

So imagine the experience!
But it was really fun! A must try!
At Camp Sabros. With my BFF's hubby also a good friend of mine, Dominic!

At Camp Sabros!

R1 Adventure River Rafting!
It was one of the best adventures so far that I've tried.  
People will always have a  wrong misconception on this one.
Coz' they alway think of it as dangerous. Hell no!
I mean, take it from me, I'm a pussy wussy when it comes to this. 
But believe me when I say, I got bored in the middle of it all.
I want all the big rocks that causes really adrenaline pumping rapids.
I was channelling Meryl Streep in The River Wild all the time.
This is a must try to all friends out there.
It will practice the camaraderie coz' it needs teamwork to really travel smoothly on such difficult waters. 
I want more of this!!!!
(Like them on FACEBOOK for promos and updates!)

Moi and my friends on a fun adventure. 
All GAY group! Double the FUN!
Imagine all of shouting and screaming for our dear life in unison. 

And the most recent, FLYFISH adventure in Boracay.

And of course, 
just enjoy life and not worry about anything.
Basking in the heat of the sun, 
enjoy nature and savour every moment that I'm alive!
Me doing a Russian jump.
I used to be a cheerleader back in college. 
Competed locally and nationally. 
Love it!
(U.G.L.Y. you ain't got no alibi! You're UGLY!! LOL)
Fun chants in our cheering days. Haha

So that's it people.
We're planning for more fun outdoor activities.
Island hopping are in the works already. 
Crossing my fingers on it!


Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield!
The whole thought of the song is just nice. 
Been listening to this even before when it first came out. 
I just found a whole new meaning to it at this moment in my life!
♪ The rest is still unwritten! 
Enjoy the song!


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  2. camp sabros looks like so much fun! cant believe you used to be a cheerleader! such a perfect russian jump! awesome!

  3. woow looks like so much fun.. Want to experience this too
    MiMi xx
    Make-up Overdose

  4. @ Miraim Stella - love your blog too.. love your Hermes dear.. can we trade bags? haha

  5. @ Camille - yup. it's super fun! you have to go there.. to experience it all..

  6. @ mimi - you have to dear.. so much fun... i've attached the links for infos..

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  10. wow! I love all the photos!! amazing adventures!

  11. oh, wonderful photos! you're truly adventurer!

    It's a GIRL Thing

  12. Miriam Stella - done sweetie. sent you all the links. :D

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  18. Chez Margaux - yay. thanks, love! :D it was all fun!

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  25. @ Songbird - yup. an achievement, so to speak, for me. :D

  26. @ Mirriam Stella - yup. i'll leave the links on your blog. :D i will gorgeous.. :D

  27. Adrein Loren - it was, hun. SUPER FUN! thanks for the kisses.. :D

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