Sunday, 14 August 2011

Instagram it!

I'm sure all of you will agree with me when I say,
And now, we have a whole new reason to be photoholic,

"Snap a photo with your iPhone, choose a filter to transform the look and feel, send to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr – it’s all as easy as pie.
 It’s photo sharing, 
And truly it is. I LOVE IT! 

I've been using Instagram for a while now. 
And I've posted several Iphone taken photos that are worth sharing to friends. 
All captures a really nice story. 
It does really create all the drama you need by choosing a  filter that best fits the photo. 
I'm just so addicted to it.

But I see people are using it in a wrong way. LOL
I mean, it's supposed to make the best impression with a good composition of your captured images. And these images does not include just your face and only your face in all of the posts you make. LOL
Not unless your face has launched a thousand ships 
then by all means post all your self portrait photos. LOL
And I've read in the forums, 
the worst that an Instagram user can do is posting your DSLR taken photo and using the filters in this application. HAHA!

The key here is to just post a photo using your Iphone, with a good composition that tells a beautiful story that everyone can relate to or may not relate to but can appreciate the drama/story of the posted photo. :D

So these are just some of the photos I've posted in Instagram. 

Gay lovers I saw in Ion Orchard. Sweet!
Wish I can find one for myself.
The cute dog and the cuter officer. Waiting for my flight in NAIA.
Waiting game in NAIA!
Guilty pleasure in SG with my friends, Ben & Jerry's!
Leaving SG and night lights!

My 4 year niece's art she gave me last year.

RH Bill and me. Inseparable.

My niece and her maps. She lives like Dora!
My Iphone cassette case, funky passport holder and my geeky skull wayferer.

Mall rats, bff Nita a.k.a. Yen-Yen.

My Korean nail cutter. Love it! Given by my niece's pediatrician.

Lazy Sunday with my dog, Chanel.

Coca Cola digital, golf cart watch. CUTE!

My niece checking out my Princess Diana mag collection.

Another Madonna book.

I want this camera. 

@ Ikea SG waiting for our turn to be served!

Victoria St. SG.

New released Philippine currency.

CareBEAR in NEX Mall in SG!!!!!

HEAVEN, cold beers!

Ghost train! I miss the ride!
Make-up work with Criz.
Angry Birds coffee art! Love it!
The Yoko cover of Status magazine. I LOVE!!!
And since this is also a social network, 
it's also a fun and way nice meeting new friends.
Unfortunately it's only exclusive to Iphone users. Yay!


Hope you LIKE us on Facebook!

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  1. wow, really cool photos. this app really adds some cool effects, i can see why it's so addicting. hmm, i wonder if it's available on android as well...

    Costin M.

  2. @ Costin Moraru - i have no idea. but i think they have a diff. application just like Instagram. But I have no idea what app it is.

    spread LOVE!

  3. @ Adrien Loren - thanks a lot gorgeous. enjoy your day too.

    spread LOVE and stay gorgeous!

  4. Really fun pictures!!! of course follow you too!!!

    KISSES from Spain!
    Estefanía J.

  5. @ Estefania - thanks a lot babe. you are gorgeous as always..

    stay FAB!

  6. Wooow, amazing pictures! I like everyone of them :)

  7. Bouquet de Fleurs - thanks a lot gorgeous. i like them too. :D

  8. Love these instagrams!Every single one has a story!

  9. nice app on iphone!!!!! love the vintage effect!

    The Petite Blogger

  10. nice... thanks for sharing that, i'll give it a try!

  11. @ Alina - yes. i love how photos are edited in this app. :D

  12. @ The Petite Blogger - that's why i love it. coz of the vintage feel of the photos!

  13. @ CutePrincess - you should and follow me back in Instagram. aight? @Noehs_Ark okay. stay FAB!

  14. you didn't take me to BORACAY...
    where you held a gorgeous tote and snapped tons of fun pics ...

    but anyways i got to agree with you the instantgram app is GREAT...

    here we call people like us CAM WHORES... cause camerera whoring is super fun!!! cause we love hogging the cam all the time!!!

  15. @ DIMITO MICHIYO - haha. i know sweetie. we all love cam whoring! and with Instagram, the more reason we cam whore a lot! LOL

    you should visit Boracay! it's a lot of fun there! :D

  16. Iphones have a lot of cool filters!!! Loved your pictures! I'm following you :)

  17. @ Alessandra Mazzini - thanks a lot gorgeous. yup. i agree. and my favourite is, Nashville. love the film strip effect. so vintage. :D

  18. Those are great pictures!! that's a great thing about Iphone ^^

  19. @ Vel - yeah. that's why we need to share them.. :D

  20. Thank you for following, i´ll do the same now ;)

  21. Yeaaaaaah, I like your photos, and I know too INSTAGRAM (I've make spelling mistakes for "INSTAGRAM" no?)
    Good continuation!

  22. @ Manon Bery - thanks dear. if you're using Iphone. You can DL the application for free. a really nice alternative for creating/editing photos. try it!


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