Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hair Color done! All Set for BORACAY!

Free Tickets - CHECK!
Airport transfers to Resort and back (bare! LOL) - CHECK!
Hotel reservations - CHECK!
Fashions - CHECK!
Sunblock/tanning lotions - CHECK!
Hair treament and COLOR - CHECK!
Mani & Pedi (I'll be doing mine LOL) - CHECK!

So this means, 
we're all set for our weekend getaway with two of my bessssies,
YenYen and Mark, or Nita and Korina, respectively! LOL
And  everything for free! 
Yay! Love it!

Deciding for this travel was just easy. 
The most tedious part of the process was what we're going to wear? 
I mean, we're like on the most famous beach in the world. 
Visited by most known personalities, Mark Salling of Glee to name one. 
And me with no budget? LOL 
I mean, I need to find ways and means to have a good ensemble
and not spending a fortune (None of it actually! LOL).
So I scoured all the shops that sells the cheapest yet the chicest 
swimwears. LOL And luckily, I was able to find lots and was able to choose from a lot of FAB options at a very good/cheapest deal. LOL
On that, you have to wait for the blog 
where I will post pics after I return from my short trip. Yay!
And I bought a few new stuff. Thanks to ______ for that treat. LOL
And of course, I have to recycle some garments too to save some. :D
Me and Paolo. Taken a year ago before he was doing her magic to my hair.
With all the complete outfits and all, I know I can't be ready without a my HAIR ready for all the wet and wild adventure. 
So I went to my go to girl, hair-guru/expert and had my hair done. 
Yes, I'm taking about my childhood friend and good friend, Paola. 
For years she's been doing my hair. And I love it!
She rebonded my hair for a really straight locks. Yay!
She cut it in my signature style. And he colored it!
Love you, Pau. Visit her Facebook page to connect with her.
She gives personalized hair treatments to all her clients.
I have recommended her to many of my friends and gladly, 
they were all happy and satisfied with the results. ALL VAVAVOOM!
For updates, promos and infos on anything about hair care.
Click here and like on the Facebook page.
Good thing about it all is that he used a no-ammonia products 
on my hair for the color. Way to go, Paula! :D 

Oh, lastly! 
I need to pack now! 


Still can't decide what handbag to use. Urgh!
Life's tough choices. Hahaha!


Paula, is in the hair styling business close to 15 years already.
His expertise in personalized hair care is unparalleled. :D
Almost all my life, he styled, 
colored and cut my brunette locks and all of it was a hit to all my friends. 
All of my friends too were happy about the results of his expertise! 
Two years ago, he completed his L'Oreal course.
After this, numerous clients always come out in her shop with a 

big and happy smile on their faces. Weeeee!

Since this all about FREE!
Here's a song that says it all.
A classic and a favourtie of mine,
Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross' 

The Best Thing In Life Are Free

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