Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Freja, on Vogue UK September 2011

I'm excited to get a copy of Vogue UK's September 2011 issue. 
Because it has my favorite model in it on the cover,

A lot of you may ask why she is my favorite? 
Because she embodies everything a true HUMAN is: 
Love it! 
Well, some say she’s gay. 
Others say she’s 1/2 gay. 
According to published reports,
Freja has been in a relationship with model Catherine McNeil
and is currently dating model Arizona Muse

To quote  James Scully, a casting agent, 
"She is The queen of cool. 
Probably one of the most-requested models of all my clients. 
She is the perfect old-school clothes-hanger 
with a little eighties androgyny thrown in!"

To honor her fabulosity, 
there were several high-end fashion garments named after her.
 Jill Stuart Freja handbag, the Chloé Freja clutch, and the Alexander Wang Freja Lace-Up Stiletto Boot with Zip Detail.
Alexander Wang, Chloé and Jill Stuart.
Check this video as she talks about how she was discovered 
in Denmark when she was 16.  She also talks about her 16 tattoos. 
Been thinking of getting INK, actually. :D 
Yay! My mom will kill me if I ever get one. LOL

Hope you all enjoyed a little peek on Freja!
Love her to bits! :D


All the time I was making this post.
I listened to PJ Harvey's Down By The Water
Hope you enjoy this song too.
(FYI, she loves her music a lot)

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  1. She´s so pretty!! great cover! love the pailletes dress!!
    Kisses! xoxo

  2. i know. love her accessories too in thos cover.. all FAB..

  3. Awesome blog,dear:) Stay in touch^^

  4. hey Justine, thanks.. :D
    Stay fabulous!

  5. I'm a big fan of Freja since the first time I saw her in a magazine because they are not that much brunett top model great post my Love loving ur blog keep it like that my Love big fan over here

  6. i adore her style so much!!i remember the vogue issue which had mentioned her in the shaggy haircut article..i loved it so much that i chopped my hair of like that.it is there on my blog also!

  7. @ virgit - thanks much sweetie.. my face is blushing right now by reading your comment. i am very happy that you're lovin' it. thanks a lot. that means so much to me... :D

    stay fabulous and SPREAD LOVE!

  8. @ songbird - yay! me too.. i love her so much. she's cool and she's totally rocking the world with her style and most especially her being honest and true to us.. love it! follow me back...


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