Friday, 5 August 2011


My entry is
This was just a fun entry for
because I am in for the recognition and of course, 
the prize money! LOL 
I know it's far from reality but I am just optimistic and just wanna show my look wearing a FAB WOOL cardigan.


Shirt: Vintage Newsprint Shirt from Jacqueline Jarethshop
This was given to as a present. I thought I was going to pay the owner 
(also a good friend. Follow her blog too. Click here.) 
but luckily, she refused. 
So I just wired her the money for the shipping. Weee! LOVE IT!

CARDIGAN: From Bench. 
Like I said, I can never say no to a good cardigan. 
Bought this a year ago. 
The moment I saw this, I fell in love with it and bought it right away
Good thing about having a neutral cardigan is that you can 
dress is up or dress is down. 
Matches almost with anything in your wardrobe. :D

SHORTS: By Penshoppe. 
Bought this on sale and had them altered to my actual FAB size. 
When I bought this pair, t'was a little huge for my size. :D 
And I couldn't refuse a nice bargain. Weeee! :D

BAG: Vintage in brown bag. 
This can be worn as a messenger bag or you can carry it like a manpurse. 
As always, I love anything vintage and in brown. 

Shoes: Chuck Taylor Converse. :D 
Always safe and in style. :D 

So there you have it. My HAPPY and CUTE WOOL!

To vote, click here.
Good thing about this promo is that there is a weekly winner of $400AusD plus other products. So what are you waiting for. VOTE NOW!


I'm so excited for our weekend getaway in 
Love it!
Leaving a three hours.

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for updates and photos while I'm away! :D
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  1. i HATE that you are getting to go on a weekender!!!

    buy i LOVE U for your AWESOME posts...

    ABSOLUTELY love the way you write!!!

    your AMAZING :)

    hugs xoxoxoxo

    and your so lucky to get the jap branded goodies at such a rate... you can hardly find a store like that here!!!

  2. Done girl!i just voted.i wrote a wrong spelled 1 word in the comment please disregard it..mwah

  3. You look amazing!
    I am soo following, would you like to follow back?

    I am also having a fabulous GiveAway!, check it out and let me know what you think.

  4. Lovely blog! Check out mine and follow please! I will follow yours back!!! Kisses!

  5. you look so cute, love it :)


  6. @ Label me Addict - thanks much sweetie.. i am flattered with your words.. you are very kind.. :D

    will post my weekender photos here.. :D

    stay fabulous!

  7. @ Dae by Dae - haha. thanks gang. love it! stay gorgeous and keep on writing.. haha :D abtik dira na side always... :D

  8. @ Justine Jukevich - weeee! thanks much for visiting.. :D love it.. stay fabulous!!

  9. @ Lea - oh really. that's great.. i will check it in a few.. love it.. hope i get the prize.. stay gorgeous... :D

  10. @ The Followers of Fashion - thanks for appreciating sweetie.. love it.. i am happy you like it.. i will check your site in a few.. thanks sweetie! stay gorg!

  11. @ After Dreams - weeeeee. hope not cute but gorgeous.. LOL thanks.. i am glad you love it.. stay fabulous!! :D

  12. I love your top and the cardigan! I'm following! :D

  13. @ The Follower of Fashion - thanks sweetness.. love your bag too.. i ever you sell it or giving it away.. im here to accept it.. lol


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