Monday, 15 August 2011

Happy Birthday MADONNA!

Yay! It's Madonna's birthday!
I love it!
I think there should be like 
Madonna Ciccone Holiday 
in honor of the 
Right? :D

My fascination with Madonna started when I was prolly 10 years old!
I was very young then. 
I would copy all the her dance moves while singing at the same time. Yay!
I think it's because of Madonna that I joined dance classes and school events that involved performing on stage. She was such a positive influence to me in honing my artistic skills and pursuing artistic entertainment endeavours.
It's true when they say, you are a Madonna product. :D

Ever since I was allowed to spend my school money on weekends, I started collecting stuff from Madonna. Cassette tapes, CDs, magazine, VHS tapes, blank VHS tapes to record Madonna's TV specials and many more. 
I have like a truckloads of anything about Madonna

Some of my Madonna CDs. Some are lost and not returned by my friends. :(
Two of my Madonna biography books. :D Love it!
A book co-authored by Madonna's brother. I WANT!
He used to work for Maddy as her concert director.
Over the years, I've collected several Madonna CDs and with it, I became friends with music store retail assistants who inform me of anything new about Madonna. And with the relationship I made with them, they give me freebies like Madonna promotional posters. Love it! I just feel bad coz' some of my CDs are not with me anymore. I lost track of some. Borrowed and not returned.

The book by Taraborrelli I bought a few years back in Manila when I watched Mariah Carey's Philippine leg of her Charmbraclet tour. 
Love it! Two favorite artist in one travel. 
HAHA Although this one was sort of a book. LOL 
Read these two over and over again. LOL 
Have I mentioned I have several biographies of famous personalities? 
I think reading about them is sort fun coz' you get to know stuff you won't learn in TV or other media. LOVE it!

And since it's Madonna's birthday, I am pretty sure that MTV, Mxy Channel, and other music stations, TV or radio will have their own MADONNA all day music playing. Of course, I too will have a Madonna all day playlist.
In fact, I already told my nieces about the kind of music 
I will be playing to them today! LOL 
Sort of a music/pop-culture education for them. Aight?

So what's my all time favorite MADONNA song?
It's not just a song, love. SONGS!!

That's like a tough question. 
It's like asking me my age. Urgh! LOL
I can classify them by songs in each albums. 
It's better that way. 
Madonna (1982): Borderline and Lucky Star.
Like A Virgin (1984): Shoo Bee Doo, Angel, and Dress You Up.
Vision Quest (1985): Crazy For You!
True Blue (1986): Live To Tell, Open Your Heart, and True Blue.
Who's That Girl (1987): Who's That Girl!
Like A Prayer (1989): Cherish, Oh Father, Dear Jessie, and Promise To Try.
I'm Breathless (1990): Something To Remember, Sooner Or Later, and Vogue.
Erotica (1992): Erotica, Deeper And Deeper, Bad Girl, and Rain.
Bedtime Stories (1994): Secret,Take A Bow, Sanctuary and Human Nature.
Something To Remember (1995): All the BALLADs and the new songs.
Evita (1996): You Must Love Me, Don't Cry For Me Argentina, and Another Suitcase In Another Hall, High Flying, Adored and Rainbow Tour.
Ray Of Light (1998): Frozen, Ray Of Light, The Power Of Good-Bye and Shanti/Ashtangi.
The Next Best Thing (2000): American Pie, and Time Stood Still.
Music (2000): Music, Paradise (Not For Me), Gone, and I Deserve It. 
American Life (2003): American Life, Nothing Fails, Love Perfusion, and Die Another Day.
Confessions On A Dance Floor (2005): Hang Up, Get Together, Jump and Sorry.
Hard Candy (2008): Candy Shop, 4Minutes, Give It To Me and Devil Wouldn't Recognize You.
Celebration (2009): Celebration.
And the list goes on! HAHA!

And so, these songs and more will be played the whole day in honor of MADONNA!
So what's you favorite MADONNA song?! Let me know!


I wish that she'll have a concert tour here in Philippines 
so that I can watch her perform live. 
And also, I can meet her too. :D
Here's one of her ultra classic, 
all time favorite of mine if I have to choose only one song. HAHA

Happy birthday,  Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone!
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  1. great blog :D we love madonna too...
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    <3 visit dear

  2. thanks. :D we all love her! :D

  3. @ A Blog with us - we all love her. she is FAB in her 50's..:D

  4. Hello! I really like your blog too, I'm following u too. and thanks for commenting on mine. Do you like cocorosie? Love Noeh's ark. keep in touch! ;)

  5. @ Santos D. - thanks a lot gorgeous.. :D

  6. wow, i had no idea it was her birthday! :D how cool, you're a true fan!

    Costin M.

  7. @ Costin Moraru - yup, dude. i am. :D

  8. By far the best post I've read all day! My favorite song would have to be Crazy For You because it is my Mom's and hearing it always makes me thinkn of her.

  9. I adoooore Madonna! And your blog is very interesting!

    Your new follower ;)

  10. nice post... im not a fan of madonna, im a die hard fan of michael jackson... lol! but i lovee all her songs... especially material girl and like a virgin.

  11. @ Theresa - i know. that one always makes me cry. reminds me of all my unrequited loves of my life --the bad boys! LOL thanks much..

  12. @ Masha - thanks much gorgeous. yours are a fun to read too.. stay FAB!

  13. @ Cute Princess - i love MJ too. they have like a photo together and dated going to one Oscar event. :D

    we all love that songs too.. really flirty and cute songs!

  14. @ Adrien Loren - Yay! thanks, hun! :D

  15. She is an idol <3
    Great blog :)

  16. @ Sarina - i know. we all reference her for fashion, good and fun music, and as a role model for traditional motherhood. :D thanks. :D

  17. like a VIRGIN!!!

    TOUCH for the very FIRST TIME!!!

    haha yeah love that woman!!!

    oh and NOEH this is for you , go check it outbut just dont kill me and you prefer i change the pic tell me and i will okay....


  18. <3 ... <3 ... <3
    Love.. Love ... Love!!! :)

  19. @ Label mi addict - what? haha. i dont get it. :D

  20. @ Ryan - yay! i know. we all love her! we all have Madonna egos in us. :D

  21. happy birthday Madonna for yesterday! :)
    love your blog!
    wanna follow each other?

  22. @ fashionista face - yay! I will follow you back! Stay FAB!

  23. @ Sanam - tnx gorgeous. We all love MADONNA that is. Weeee!

  24. got a major madonna fan out here..material girl always tops my list though..there was a time when i loved listening to paradise not for me over and over again when i had started smoking(i have quit now)!!

  25. @ songbird - Paradise (Not For Me) Interesting choice. Love that song too. Really makes you think deeply and contemplate on things. And i applaud you for quitting. Stay FABULOUS & spread LOVE!

  26. adorable post! I'm not a huge fan of Madonna but I can appreciate your love for her haha :)

    <3 Alison

    giveaway going on now, check it out!

  27. @ Alison - yay! guilty as charged! will check it hun. thanks.

  28. She´s the best, i love her music!!
    Happy bday to her :)
    Lots of kisses xoxox

  29. @ Violeta - yay! she's the queen!! :D

  30. She is so awesome! and stylished! love her!

  31. ooops my bad i got so excited i forgot to put the link in!!! :/

    it's a post on PHAD THAI

  32. @ Alessandra Mazzini - you bet she is. we all love her for her music and most esp for her envelope pushing style and creativity.

  33. @ Label me Addict - yay! will check it in a bit. :D thanks gorgeous. :P

  34. hey thanks for dropping by my blog :)
    following you now on blogger and twitter im new to twitter.
    can't see where your following me? :( x

  35. @ Fashionista Face - here in blogger gorgeous.. i dont have your twitter.

  36. So, happy b-day to her!

    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  37. @ Froso M. - let's drink that! :D

  38. Love the style of pictures... how do you do it? xx

  39. great Blog Hun, I'm a new follower.. Check out my blog =)

    MiMi xx
    Make-up Overdose

  40. @ Lovelain - it's an iphone app. Instagram. i also blogged about it. check the archives.

  41. @ Mimi - thanks gorgeous. hope you enjoyed it!

  42. These pictures that you selected are really nice; all of her cd covers are cool! Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  43. @ Sara - wow. thanks. i love them all. theses CDs are like my babies.. haha.. im following yours too. :D

  44. i like every post.

  45. Happy birthday to her! Like your blog, do you want to follow each other? Hope yes, waiting you in my blog ~


  46. i like your blog :) if you wanna see mine it is :)
    i hope you like it and folow back :)

    kisses ..

  47. @ Clara Turbay - thanks, hun! :D stay FAB!

  48. @ Momo thanks sweetie.. i will.. :D let's make a toast to MAddy! :P

  49. @ la magie de MB - Weeee! thanks a lot!

  50. Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!

  51. Cute blog!!!I love it!!!
    Kisses from Italy

  52. @ Harija - thanks, gorgeous. would love to!

  53. @ After Dreams - she's the queen of everything!

  54. @ The Vogue Advisor - thanks sweetie. im blushing reading your comment. :D

  55. @ Ioana Liliana - thanks sweetness. :D

  56. Congrats for her!! She´s gorgeous! :)

  57. @ the vogue advisor - thanks a lot gorgeous..

  58. @ hadas, i am your fashion mannequin - she's eternally gorgeous.. love her!

  59. @ gaby - weeeee! she's super fabulous as always!

  60. Hey!!

    After this post I will be following you. I wanted to thanks you for your great comment. And well about Madonna.. I have various songs that I like. For example Erotica, La Isla Bonita, and Justify My Love. Miauw! Love it ;)



  61. @ Mariah Antoinette - thanks a lot. Im blushing. You have a great Madonna song choice. Love those songs too! Cheers for Madonna!! Stay fabulous!

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