Thursday, 23 June 2011

my take on - Forever And A Day. . .

This is your usual boy-meets-girl, don't-fall-in-love-with-me-coz'-I'm-dying movie plot.  Yup.  But it's worth every penny. LOL

But in this kind of movie, all has it's unique way of presenting it.  Yup, with same story but the different techniques on how movie is presented, is something all moviegoers look forward to.

THE ACTORS:  I love SAM MILBY.  He is always good in every project he gets his hands in to.  Always surpasses my expectations and preconceptions to every movie I watch that stars him.  Convincing and raw in his emotions, I am always taken everytime he opens his mouth to say his line.  It's like you're beside him talking to you.  I think this is one of the movies where he showed his true acting abilities.  (I have yet to watch his second indie movie, Third World Happy)

KC Concepcion.  I love Kc coz' she's smart, sophiscated and just plain fabulous.  But I draw the line when she's in movies. (Well at least for now. Hope she gets better!)  Am I the only one that notices the bad delivery of lines or facial expressions?  But in fairness to Sharon's lovely daughter, this is by far the best acting compared to previous movies she has starred. 

PLUS FACTOR:  Common plot.  Yes we discussed that already.  But what the screenwriters/director/producers usually do is to present it in an interesting fashion.  Of course they should coz' it's the one thing that separates it from the other boy-meets-girl, don't-fall-in-love-with-me-coz'-I'm-dying movie. Duh?! LOL  

Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon.  I fell in love with the movie because of the setting.  I am now (more like my friends only) saving up for a weekend tour sometime soon.  Been to other ziplines (Camp Sabros in Kapatagan, Digos City, Philippines and in Outland Adventure, Davao City.) and in every place I go to has something to offer.  Though Camp Sabros did offer really something more fun coz' they had several ziplines of different lengths to satisfy all adventure seekers.  Anyways,  this particular place where the movie was set really intrigued us.  I know that it's a sure fun if we get to visit the place.  And that river rafting too.  Which we'll be doing sometime by July.  So Excited!! 

SAM's TONED BODY:  Every time he is on marathon, running and sweating or even topless in the movie, all eyes pop-out, mouth-open, saliva dripping and hearts palpitating! He is H-O-T! HOTNESS and makes you crave for some Sam-like-bodies you know for substitute.  LOL    

TEAR FACTOR:  Even with not so good acting of Kc, still I managed to shed a tear the moment Sam set off several balloons to the air that carried Kc's photo.  That is some bitter-sweet gesture that signalled to free Kc.   And I have a soft spot for stuff like that.  Boohoo!

I will recommend the movie for all those hopeless romantics.  And to those who wants to fall in love and knows that they are with someone who has an illness.  It will open your eyes on the "what and what not" in dealing with things discussed in the movie.  It's also a nice movie for distraction if you're bored.  But it's not something that will become a classic.  (my all time fave is Pahiram Ng Isang Umaga. Directed by no less than the great, Ishmael Bernal.  Top billed by Vilma Santos.)  I know I am not a good movie critic but I know what is good from not.  And I know in my heart that this is a good movie with a not so good female lead in it.  

My rate of the movie: out of 

Here's more Sam's sexy photos from F&H 2010 campaign. Weeee! HOT!!
one hot  and talented commodity! Whew!

worthy of all our cravings. LOL


This is a delayed post.  We had trouble in our internet connection. Bayantel, our ISP is giving us a hard time w/ the connection! Grrrr! Do something or we'll cancel the subscription! LOL


Here's a glimpse of Vilma Santos, playing Juliet Espiritu, diagnosed w/ a terminal illness and was told she has only few months to live.  Pahiram Ng Isang Umaga is directed by Ishmael Bernal.  Enjoy!

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