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Princess Diana: She Would've Been 50 Now

July 1, 1961-August 31, 1997
I have always been fascinated with royalty ever since I was a kid.  Back in the 80's, prolly I was 9 then.  All I ever wanted was to watch everything princess stories. Disney movies provided all those. Story of Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White. 

My history subjects were a joy for me when the topic is all about royalty. Elizabethan age up to the present Queen Elizabeth II herself. I would always read our encyclopedia containing all the existing monarchs.  

Then the 90's came.  The rage was all about Princess Diana of Wales (Although in the 80's, it already started).  It was this time I'd have more access to her.  I'd save up money to buy magazines that has an article/cover/or any photo of her.  Not that I am obsessed.  It's the only way I get updated about my favourite princess. For me, she was like someone I'd want to be when I grow up (musings of a young gay boy back then! LOL Seriously, I still have that dream now!).

Early 1990's came, we had cable connection.  That made it all easy.  We had BBC, CNN, foreign entertainment news and all the works.  Seeing all the famous monarchs from Monaco to United Kingdon was just a remote control click away.  That was the link I had of the world of royalty.  Internet was not an option back then. LOL

August 31, 1997.  It was one of the saddest day of the world.  It was during this time that we have lost the princess we all loved.  She was stripped of the title, but to us all. We have lost a a true princess, the "people's princess!"  

Diana, in the rear seat, her bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, left,
and driver Henri Paul are seen shortly before the car crash that
killed Diana, her companion Dodi Fayed and the driver in Paris.
Photo: AP
I was stuck on the T.V. for a week just to follow on updates about her death.  It's as if, I was part of her family that I needed quick information about the investigation of her death. And finally came her funeral.  If the news was terrible for me, then funeral rights was the most painful. Seeing both her kids, Prince William and Harry with their father and Diana's brother, Earl Spencer was just heartbreaking.  I cried, and cried and cried a river on the live telecast of BBC. Seeing that letter from her kids with the name scribed, "Mummy!"  That just tore my heart to pieces. (During this time, I was alone in our house.  I dressed-up.  Donned a funeral appropriate dress. Yup, I crossed dressed.  The dress I wore was reminiscent of Evita's.  I put on make-up and I wore ala-Philip Treacy hat with short black veil that covered both my eyes. All the works!)  

the car wreckage.
That was a sad news for all of us.  The world mourned. People was crushed. Out pouring of messages from people to the British monarchs were harsh. Some speculated it was a plot by the monarchy to end Princess Diana's dishonoring. Some even believed that it was just a staging of her exit for her to finally have her privacy and live a life in secrecy with her beau at that time.

For whatever reason it is, she is gone.  Her passing even heightened my passion to collect more stuff about her.  I record all documentaries about her on tv.  I prolly have a gazillion VHS tapes in possession (I still have 'em.  Problem is it's covered with dust.).  Rented videos.  Borrowed books in our university library.  I bought lots of magazines.  I was that a fan of her.


So today would've been her 50th birthday.  And everyone is talking about how would have she looked like now.  Would Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge live up to her natural grace and fabulousness? What would she say to the couple if she was here to witness everything from dating down to their wedding. We don't know.  But for many, she will always carry all the time that timid and shy charm but commanding presence that captivates us all from the very beginning.  She may not be with us now, but her legacy through her championed causes lives on to help the less fortunates.

She did a lot of charity work. As Princess of Wales, she was expected to visit hospitals, schools and many more. During these visits, she developed an interest in the ill-ones. She decided to do charity work for foundations that were fighting against Aids, HIV and leprosy. In 1989 she was given the title of President of Great Ormand Street Hospital for Children. During her final year, she fully supported the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. After her death, the campaign won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1997.1

This was the time when Prince Charles confessed his affair to Camillia.
This was a punch to both Camilla and Charles w/ Diana appearing in the public fabulous and gorgeous.

She was dubbed as the lonely princess.  Attending to events.  Surrounded with lots of dignitaries and royalties, yet she felt alone.
The famous dance with John Travolta in The White House.  This was the first time the new couple, Diana and Charles toured to U.S.

This would've been the Diana now if she was still living and at 50
Both are just stunning(That I'm sure of). Photoshopped and doctored photo beside Kate.    

What's left of my magazine collection.  I would read them over and over again.  *Taken from my iphone. :D

 The letter from the kids.  This crushed my heart. They must've been so damaged with the lost of their mother at that time. :C *Taken from my iphone in one of magazine clips I've collected of her.

And the song that was on repeat in our CD player over and over again. *Teary*


I have attached some video of her last interview with Martin Bashir of Panorama (BBC) in November of 1995.  This was sort of a tell-all of the life she had as The Princess of Wales. 


Just click on the link for the succeeding parts.  Part Two. Part three. Part four. Part five. End of interview.


I will be writing a blog too about the experience I had a few weeks ago.  Almost pulled a Princess Diana/Princess Grace of Monaco exit. That was scary. ---be safe y'all.


  1. Hi Tita Noez, I remember the time I heard of the news that she passed away. I was at chem lab at that time and I really thought it was one of those jokes until I saw it in the news. :( - G

  2. I was in denial myself. Until the funeral telecast. Such a great loss. :(


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