Wednesday, 15 June 2011

From Elvie's to La Greta's!

Tope, moi, Rie and Chris
As always, when The ManneQueens gather, it is sure that the night will be filled with laughter! And that's like, ALCOHOL not included! LOL

Last night was truly a blast for us ManneQueens.  Although some rain checked on us.  Still we managed to keep the "lite"/mini reunion as fun and comedic as it should be. LOL

First stop: @ Elvie's BBQ.
selection of Chicken,
hotdogs and seafoods
I can't say no to a good BBQ.  (I had a lite dinner before I went to Elvie's. LOL) Every BBQ resto always brings a different style to the table.  They always have their own blend of BBQ marinade and sauce.  And Elvie's has it's own unique, yummy and superb style.  We had chicken bbq and grilled tuna belly.  The last time I ate there was last 2010 of November when again, the Queens gathered up.  I just love love the BBQ sauce.  No wonder it's always a hit to all people living in the area.

Second stop: Casa dela Greta.
When we ran out RH Bills @ Elvie's, it's time to move on. LOL  We bought beers (1L x 4 bottles) then we headed to Chris' house.  It was during this time we had the most laugh.  I think it's because of it I got a little tipsy.  LOL  I also spent the rest of the morning in Chris's room.  Not the usual thing I do coz' I'm not so used sleeping over at other people's house/bed. (But I love bed hopping! LOL) 

This morning, Tita Thelma (Chris' mom) prepared us a sumptuous brekky.  Love it! I think that got me a little okay after being wasted hours before.  (I popped 1 tab of pain reliever I found in the dinning table. LOL)  But I think the latter helped more. LOL  

Thank you Tita Thelms and Chris for the warmth accomodation and to Rie for the BBqs and RH Bills. LOL
Sashimi @ La Greta's. Prepared by Tita Elvie (Rie's mom)

RH Bill.... LOL
La Greta a.k.a. Chris/Toping turning of the lights.

Paparazzi mode. La Greta in deep sleep. If only I was not too drunk to record the sound of his snor! LOL 
The ManneQueens last 2010 of November w/ Clyde and John Paul.

@ Elvie's BBQ - November 2010

Tonight we're watching "Forever And A Day!"
So excited to see Sam Milby and Kc Concepcion.  Read good reviews.  Total tear jerker it mention in one of the articles I've scanned.  We'll see about that.
Till then.
(pardon the poor quality photos, I just used my Iphone in taking 'em. Carrying DSLR camera is just exhausting. LOL)

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