Tuesday, 14 June 2011

How Can I Start Dieting?

My best buddies (Yen and Mark) are treating me to a free tour to Boracay this August.  We vowed that in order for us to have fun, we need to lose weight.  A lot (READ: HALF OUR ACTUAL SIZE ATM! LOL) of it! Hahaha

But how can I start dieting?  If you're home-based (no actual work atm, blogging & not even paid too!LOL) and your Mom cooks all the sumptuous meals.  How can a person who tries-to-cut-off-his-intake refuse?  There is no way I think! 

Chicken BBQ w/ side dish of caramelize onion.
These are the stuff we had for lunch. Grrrr! But seriously, I can't complain. I love love love to eat! LOL

Chicken BBQ w/ Caramelize Onion for side dish.  Now tell me, who can refuse that?  I am a sucker for chicken.  I love chicken and I'm a chicken freak at that! LOL

Chicken Curry!

And then there's Chicken Curry.  Need I say more? LOL Not only a personal favourite among other recipes of my Mom, it is also my 3 year old niece's favourite.   (She request this all the time)  Even if it's hot.  She can tolerate eating it so long there's a glass of water in hand.  We both love this dish.   

Chicken Tinola
Lastly, we had Chicken Tinola. The reason Mom made tinola for lunch is because of the gloomy weather. LOL  We just love soup whenever it's a little rainy.  At times she'll cook Champorado w/ dried fish (bulad!) when it's raining.

So you now get an idea why I can't start on my diet.  LOL  And take note, all these dishes must be paired with lots of steamed rice. LOL There goes my hook up in Boracay!

And oh, lastnight we had a boodle fight. 


My good friend Joy is inviting me later to eat in a new Italian resto (Michaelangelo) and then have another round of Sariwang Lumpia in Cafe Laguna. Grrrr! Lots of temptations. LOL
Cafe Laguna's Lumpiang Sariwa! A must try! And it's cheap!

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