Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The ManneQueens Reunion

standing: (left to right) Mocha, moi, Rain, Chris
sitting: (left to right) Denise, Rie & Jepoise
I'm so excited to meet my fellow ManneQueens.  It has been a while since we all gathered and dolled up for a show.  Trying on different style of make-up and play dress-up while we do our costume rehearsals.  Whenever we have new routines, we would get serious when Rie, our head mistress (LOL) and choreographer gives us a combination that we all don't get right away. (I gave up dancing when I went to highschool.  When I was in elementary, I was part of a local group that would perform locally in events to showcase tribal/modern dances to delegates from other cities/country in major venues here in Davao.)

The reason why the group disbanded was more of a professional growth to each of the members.  All of us  pursued other opportunities and explored other cities and countries in search of that CAREER BREAK.  

Rie (sis of Rain), auditioned to GMA's, "I Heart You, Pare" and got a recurring role opposite - The Asia's Songbird, Regine Velasquez.  She also works regularly in The Library Comedy Bar with her group, Raging Divas.  Mocha/Tope, doesn't need to work his ass off.  He jet sets to Singapore, Dubai, Korean, Hongkong, Maldives and anywhere else just to spend money and enjoy/experience culture at its finest.  Denise now works full time both as a designer/stylist and in the call center industry as a customer specialist.  Jepoise/Monique is now handling a family owned firm as operations manager and is honing his talent in playing the violin.  While Chris/Yvonne is starting to carve a niche as a local make-up artist with clients locally and nationally travelling to major cities to make women beautiful with his talent in the aesthetics.  Where as moi, I part time as a make-up artist/hair stylist working mostly with Chris/Yvonne.  Also working home-based with an on-line job (LOL). I also explored Singapore/Malaysia for greener past pastures as well as looking for a lover.  Rain, also went to Singapore to further his career in the business world as well as in modelling. Currently, Rain got a gig of a life time that made him a famous fashion model.  Strutting the catwalks of Philippine Fashion Week 2011 as Kenneth Chua's muse.  
Tope in Korea. 

Rie, rubbing elbows w/ celebrities.  Here with close friend Mark Abaya.

Make-up artist extraordinaire.

Violin enthusiast
Rain in Philippine Fashion Week at
Kenneth Chua's collection 

So that's it.  I'll be posting photos tomorrow of how our night went.  Apparently, we'll be having dinner then RH BIll discussion (READ: Red Horse). LOL


Just got a message from Rie. Wheee! 
Till then!

photo credits: see the watermarks


  1. Im very impressed .6 thumbs up for u bes.

  2. Thanx bes. Weeee! Tinga mangud that's why i came up w/ this. Hehe


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