Thursday, 28 July 2011

Manic Monday!!

My seventh LookBook post! Yay! :D

I can't believe it. I just realized that I am wearing all Japanese goods. :D


Button Down by AnQuiet
This pinstripe, turtle neck, 3/4 sleeved with oversized garter flap 
on the waist is one of my favorite shirts I have. 
The detailing is just unique and I love the fact that the stripes is vertical. Again, it creates an illusion that I'm thinner. LOL 
I bought this shirt in a second-shop (Ukay2x) for a dollar. 
That's a pure bargain and money saving purchase for me. LOL
I've had this shirt close to three years already and 
I've worn it on several occasions in different ways. :D

Distress denim shorts
Another Ukay2x find. This is prolly one of the best bargains I've had. I love wearing this shorts coz' the detail with this one is just amazing. I can pair this to everything I have in my closet. Basic tee, button downs, dressy shirts and everything imaginable. This too is a Japanese brand. 

Shoes by Haruta
Haruta is a Japanese brand of shoes that makes the same style of shoes over and over again with an unmatched quality and durability. 
I have a pair like these when I was in my elementary years. 
Back then, I never appreciated the style coz' all I ever wanted to wear were Nike's. Reasons: playing/running. LOL 
Now that I'm older and able to appreciate the beauty and why one has to sacrifice comfort for aesthetic reasons. 
This was bought in one of the local bazaars here and was so happy to buy a pair of my size. 

Laptop sleeves by FashionMonster
This is a custom made, faux zebra print gadget holder. This brand (owned by my BFF freaks) creates lots of fun designs that are both functional and trendy. Always updated when it comes to the latest trends. This particular laptop sleeve is padded with thick cushion that it protects your gadget very well. 
Love it!
Visit their site for more styles! 

Same Geeky Skull Wayferers and 21Men Fedora. Weeee!
The shot that didn't make it to LookBook...
That's my Manic Monday post in 
It was a fun Monday workday for me lastweek at TBY Gen Enterprise 
with my bff, Yen a.k.a. Nita who takes most of my photos in my 
LookBook page. Again, thank you besss! Love it!

I am so happy I'm getting lots of *HYPES* Weeee! Love it guys. 


Here  is the music video of The Bangles with their song, "Manic Monday!" Love this song toooo. Makes you wanna dance... Have fun!!

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  1. Hi dear!! I´m from LB! I love your style, so i´m following your blog now!
    If you visit me, you´ll make me happy :)

  2. yup. read your blog in Spanish sweetie.. thanks a lot! :D
    love ur style too.. the mixing of all brands is just flawless and eclectic and really fun..

  3. love the laptop case! great blog anyway :)

  4. You look amazing! I love the shorts :)

  5. Nalingaw ko sa the shot that didn't make it to Lookbook! XD
    mura'g Preview... :))))

  6. @Danny Liem - thanks. you can check this FB page for other gadget cases. they customize according to sizes of your lappy, or just about anythin.----->

  7. @Dana - thanks gorgeous... i bought that on a very bargain price.. bought it in a second hand shop. the quality of that shorts is really good. that piece was made in Japan. i love it! :D stay fabulous...

  8. @ Ryan a.k.a. FABULOUS - thanks much sweetie.. it was a struggle between that photo or the one that i posted in FB. then i had to go w/ my instincts. LOL hope it made a good impression.. lol miss u

  9. You have such a great style! I love all your photos! xoxoxoo

  10. Fashion Cappuccino - Thanks so much sweetie!

  11. i love the jacket!
    look amazing on u with the hat and glasses styling

  12. @vnikali - thanks a lot. love your blog :D


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