Monday, 4 July 2011

My Foreign/Local Benefactors. . .

For the longest time, I have been unemployed. I think it's close to two years already. But luckily, I have few gigs here and there. Doin' make-up or styling people's hair.  Or sometimes, I style photoshoots. At times, I'm the photographer myself to some of these shoots. I also hosted events for weddings, seminars and birthdays.  I literally do just about anything, just to make ends meet. LOL Thank God I am gay, and I am innately talented. Weeee!

Did I mention I am unemployed? A bum? But not so much as a PARASITE. LOL I think I said that a gazillion times from my previous posts. LOL

Good thing about being me is that I'm friendly. And since I am friendly (only to those who are nice to me and who are pleasantly looking! LOL) I have few connections on how to somehow maximize my zero financial resources and use other means of resource.  What I'm talking about is ---THE HUMAN RESOURCE! LOL

So who are these HUMAN RESOURCES I'm talking about? LOL 

My very high earning  and very loving/giving/charitable/beautiful/kindhearted/blessed/successful (Have to say all the right things. Might be stripped from all the various privileges.  LOL) FRIENDS or I collectively call my BESSS' (READ: bestfriends!)

So here they are. . . . . . 

My FOREIGN benefactors. . . . 
@ Green Coffee with my foreign sponsors. . . 
@ Italianni's. . . 

Ms. Sydney Australia - Mae Sia. Single and very available. 
Here at a Katy Perry concert in Sydney.

Ms. Dubai, Noreen.  Blooming and healthier.  Taken in Boracay last June 2011.

Mrs NZ, Melay Tan w/ hubby Vladimir Yu and daughter, Maxine! :D

with Jacqui and Brenda in Orchard Road after our hearty meal in Food Republic, Wisma Atria
On our way to Sentosa.

My Singapore-based sponsor, Brenda.

In Wild Wild Wet, Pasir Ris, Singapore.
A quick lunch in Bugis Hawker Station sponsored by Sash.

At Anchorpoint with my Singapore-based sponsor, Betchie.

Another Singapore-based sponsor, Yves. But she's currently assigned in Japan for a year. Bongga!

The fabulous, Singapore-based, in-demand Pilates instructor, Sash.
@ Universal Studios, Singapore with two of my visiting sponsors,
Des and Ate Ayen. Weeee!

@ Marina Bay Sands with Des and Ate Ayen. :D

My San Diego, California-based sponsor, Marlon. (center)
My LOCAL sponsors. . . 
@ Chema's with my other couple-sponsors, Joy & Ian. LOL

Waka Uy, my Davao-based, soon to be migrating in Germany sponsor. LOL
Asia aka Madam Pholen, my very rich businesswoman sponsor.
Rie, a GMA artist who recently worked with Regine Velasquez in I Heart You, Pare..
My other group of sponsors. LOL 

Mark/Patoy, my very affluent Davao-based sponsor. LOL

Another local sponsor in one of her crazy soirees, YenYen aka Nita.
A gathering of sponsors in Starr. I love it!

My sister's family too (at her request! LOL). . . 

To all of you, T H A N K Y O U! 
I survived these past year with you guys. LOL Ofcourse, also to my family. 


Did I miss anyone? Let me know! LOL

Thank you song to all of you guys...
by Dido...


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  2. thank you so much, "makeup artists in Sydney"

    truly appreciated the last statement. :D

    enjoy your weekend

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