Monday, 25 July 2011

My New BLOG Design!

This site has undergone several major transformations. 
As a self-proclaimed narcissist, I always wanted a design that 
has my fabulous face in it. LOL I always thought it looked gorgeous. LOL 
(At the back of my mind, "Keep telling yourself that!" LOL) 
*Smacks head with my fluffy pillow!*

The first layout! To much of meeeeee! LOL
Solo moi! LOL Shot by my good friend, Freaky Adonis in Dayang Beach, Talikud Island! 
Me in Depot Road, Singapore. Shot by my fabulous bff, Betchie.
Taken while waiting for our bus ride to Anchorpoint.
And then I got tired with all of them. LOL 
Each of the layout above had a shelf life of about a month or two. 
For obvious reasons, I think all of them screams -- BORING! LOL Yay! 
But I know you all love the layouts coz' I love it myself too. LOL

So here now is my current and so far, 
the most FABULOUS of all layouts I've made. 

(As I've written the previous sentence, I just realized that without me in the photo, it's much FABULOUS than with me in it. Urgh!! LOL Whatever! LOL)

I am so in love with this one. LOOK! It just speaks --> FABULOSITY!! :D
You all prolly thinking why a collage of photos. Aight?! 
Well, for starters. These are not just photos. 
These are all the things I enjoy in life. 
Each of the photos represents what I always have in me
 (valuable or not, LOL)
 that I treasure most. 

Quote from the movie, Kung Fu Panda!
We all love quotes. 
We enjoy reading, receiving, composing, 
memorizing quotes from movies, T.V. shows, text quotes and so on. 
And we just love to send them to people we love and posting them in our social network profiles as shoutouts. Yeah, I am one of them. 
Guilty as charged. LOL This particular quote I found and presented in a classic fashion is truly divine. Engraved in a wooden coaster in one of the coolest novelty shops in Singapore, The Bloomington. 
Love it! Problem was. Didn't purchase it coz' 
I didn't have cash that particular day! LOL
Taken outside, Gluttons Bay - Makansutra in Raffles Avenue 
while waiting for my Bus 195 on my way home. 
This second photo tells something about the journey I call life.
 And that journey I have no idea where it leads me to. LOL 
Seriously, this represents sort of the love and amazement I have over night lights. I am obviously a nocturnal person, and it's but natural 
that I appreciate all the things night has to offer. 
Lights, party, booze and the event that happens after the drinks. LOL 
I love daylights too, sun and the beach. And that's just it. 
If it's too sunny and no beach. 
Then that's where I draw the line of loving the sun. LOL
*Wish I can experience night lights in Paris or other European cities.*
A John Galliano creation made for Madonna in her 1994 music video, "Take A Bow!"
Madonna in Take A Bow. FIERCE!
This was like a dream come true for me. Seeing Madonna's iconic top in "Take A BOW" was as closest that I can ever get to my favorite singer (apart from Mariah, Barbra, Annie Lennox and Chaka!). My jaw dropped the moment I saw this being displayed in Hard Rock Cafe in Resorts World Sentosa. Take A Bow is one of my favorite Madonna video/song. When it first came out, I was like --another pegs to copy. LOL Every time it is being played in MTV back then, I would face the mirror and then lipsync to the song and slow dance to it. So GAY of me. LOL (We all have our crazy solo moments! Aight, Tom Cruise?!) This photo also represents fashion in a vintage and classic charm. Just the way I like it. Weeeeee!
One of my fave books. Read this almost 10x. LOL
 I just love the all details and all the drama in the book.  

The movie totally disappointed all the fans of the novel.  
Novels. Fictitious or non-fictitious.
 I read books all the time when my schedule would allow me. 
I'm not your typical voracious reader but whenever I get hooked in a certain book. Then that's it. I would sit and lie down in bed for hours and days just reading and not minding the outside world. 
And buy the sequel or prequel of that certain novel. LOL 
Yup. I'm that crazy when I love something. 
And this particular book by Arthur Golden ranks as a top read in my list. 
Every time I read this book, I cry over and over. 
That's how shallow my tears are.
 I have a collection of biographies too. 
Famous personalities whom I admire and have found
 to be inspiring with lives that are worth imitating. LOL 

I love books being read in a classic, paper back or hardbound and not in an version. :D

My geeky skull wayferers.
This may not be the most expensive glasses there is but I am happy that I don't  see much of this in people I see in the mall, parties and etc. This cost me a fortune back then when I only had PhP250.00 at the time I saw this. LOL I am happy to have found this pair coz' it's classic with a touch of a fun detail. Love it! You can always see me sporting this pair. That's how I am in love with this glasses. Yay! There you go. 

My Marilyn Monroe card deck. HEAVEN!
The moment I saw this, I bought it right away. No explanations needed or weighing things why is there a need to buy this. I mean, there's Marilyn in it. I already have a few Marilyn in my collection. And to have this deck is purely HEAVEN. It costs me really cheap but hey, the images in all the decks are priceless. LOVE IT! One of the many good buys I've had back in SG. Besides, it's the only thing I bought when I stayed in SG. LOL 

So there you have it. All the photos represents something in me. Things that I'll be talking about and have talked about in the past as part of my "just about anything under the sun" theme of my posts. Good thing I didn't have to write that phrase in my new layout. LOL Let the photos say it, right?!


I've added new features in my blog site. FACEBOOK "Like" button, Reactions for -Funny-, -Interesting-, and -Cool-. Bloglovin' icon for easy follow, Twitter follow me icon and LinkWithin menu for other readable blogs I have in this site. Weeee! Hope you all love it!
Just for pure entertainment, here's Madonna's Take A Vow video. Enjoy!

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