Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Weeeeeee! My fifth LookBook post, Color Block the Rain!!

All my life, YELLOW has always been a favorite color of mine. I think it has to do with the fact that it's really bright and it's brightness just brings out the beauty in me. LOL (I know you completely disagree. DUH?! LOL)

Lately, it has been raining all day everyday in this side of the world. I personally don't hate it when it rains. Some people do. But not me. I love the idea when it rains coz' it's much colder and you can layer your clothes. Not to mention, bring with you the brightest/funkiest-colored umbrella. Also, gives you another excuse not to go to work or be late going to work. Or when you don't like your date, you can rain-check. LOL 

I think the contrast between a gloomy weather and bright colored outfits plainly speaks FABULOSITY! LOL I mean, you try to dress in a perky mood despite sad weather. Right? LOL

taken by my boss/bessss, Nita a.k.a., Yen2x..
with my alter ego -- THE JUMPING NOEH! LOL
These photos were taken using my Iphone4. Funny coz' I always bring with me (on a daily basis) my DSLR camera and for some funny reason, I forgot to have it with me on this particular working day/photoshoot! LOL Okay. 

Here's the way we take my photos. Once we're not busy with work, like 3pm-5pm everyday, we then head out and just click away. On the street outside the office, sidewalks, other buildings, abandoned buildings (this post was taken beside our building) and etc. Our shoots would take like 15-40minutes max. It would look like we did the shot forever. Right? No!! We're like that gorgeous! We take photos BEAUTIFULLY! LOL

DETAILS: Cardigan by BENCH. Shorts by American Eagle Outfitters. Sneakers by Happy Feet. Umbrella by United Colors of Benetton.

That's it for now!


Coz this is everything about YELLOW, I also love this Coldplay song entitled--YELLOW!!! Enjoy! 

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