Saturday, 9 July 2011

LookBook Dilemma

I just recently joined LOOKBOOK.NU and promised to myself to regularly upload new look on a weekly basis. (Actually, I wanted like every other day! But planning an ensemble alone takes up few days of your time. LOL) It's the first week birthday of my LookBook account tomorrow and  still, I've got no new photo to add to my account.

I am like in panic mode atm. 

My problem is ----> I don't have a PHOTOGRAPHER to take my portraits!! LOL I have a camera but a person to carry that gadget and take fabulous photos of  myself, NA DA!!!! *I am seriously in BIG trouble! LOL*

My first LOOKBOOK look
Look for less. All ukay-ukay finds. LOL
*except for the shoes, undies and white shirt*

That first LOOKBOOK was taken in Depot Road Bus Stop, Singapore on a Sunday by my good friend, Betchie. We were on our way to Anchorpoint to check on some outlet shops. (Like I said, I love fashion for less but with GREAT STATEMENT! :D) 

As my friend took this shot of me waiting for our Bus 175 in Bus Stop Blk9, the idea of the shot was --- casual, out-on-a-day-for-shopping look. LOL Seriously, I never had a chance to shop when I stayed in Singapore.  This is for the main reason that I am on a TIGHT BUDGET! LOL That was sad really. LOL

I call that look, Sunday Tea PartyI literally had Tea Milk with Cheezy French Toast (cheese, butter and Hainanese spread combined! To die for) in Ya Kun Kaya Toast while my friend had mani and pedi. 

Milk Tae --> my first. I always refuse to have milk in my tea.
But this changed my mind. I introduced this to my niece/nephews, they love it too!
Cheesy French Toast w/ butter and Hainanese spread. Love it!
Little piece of HEAVEN!
After my tea, I window shopped a bit. Checked on some merchandise on to where can I stretch that few dollars of pocket money. LOL And viola!! I found a novelty shop that hold several fun items. Including memorabilias of Marilyn Monroe. Weeee! That was HEAVEN to me too...

If you think about it, this is just cheap if you collect items
that has Marilyn Monroe on. I love it! Best BUY!!

All the decks scattered for her Instagram treatment. LOL 
We also checked Ikea and my friend bought some batteries for our clock and a Vanilla Scented Candle. 

Dinning set ideas
Reading area ideas. LOL

Home office ideas....

I just love yellow rooms and I look fat in this photo. LOL

So that it's. I tried to divert my attention to the details of that outfit and what happened during that day.  But it still leads me to the main topic of this entry. ---------> WHAT WILL I POST TOMORROW IN MY LOOKBOOK!!! LOL


All photos were taken last 27th of Febuary, 2011. This sound funny, but that day was also the first week birthday of my stay there in Singapore. Hmmp. Something's fishy. 

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