Monday, 11 July 2011

Color Block it on a Saturday Night!

Color block
Yay! My second LookBook post!

I love it!

Again, this was taken weeks (June 18, 2011) ago when I was out with my friends on a Saturday night.

Details on my outfit.

Shirt: exaggerated v-neck cut, basic cotton-purple-shirt. Bought it for 30 pesos years ago in an Ukay-Ukay shop in Agdao. LOL I think I bought that shirt coz' I wanted to sew the cut together coz' it's tooo revealing for a shirt. LOL But I forgot about it. And viola, it still work this time as it is when I bought it. LOL

CARDIGAN: Clef de Sol. Another Ukay-Ukay find. My sister-in-law bought this for me. After gaining a lot of (little, just exaggerating) weight. I'm always in search for a good (read:FAB) cardigan. And I always tell people that if they find one, they buy it for me. LOL So this is it. In sea green. Perfect match for my purple v-neck shirt.

FEDORA by Forever 21: I've had this hat for years now. Close to 3 years. This is like the first time I wore this coz' I couldn't find anything to match this fedora. I was just so happy to wear this hat that night. Thanks to Gray, a good friend who always bring me stuff when she visits Davao.

Espadrilles by Nu Look: This has a funny story. We (me and my friend, Sash in Singapore) bought this on a buy one take one scheme. Love it! Sash did not make me pay for the shoes. He had a plain espadrilles in mint green. We bought this in Nu Look Ion Orchard, $25.00 for two.

Tote by Mango: Have you noticed that I love everything brown bags? LOL I love it in that color and I like it even more if it looks vintage. My friend, Betchie in Singapore gave me this simple yet functional, vintage-looking brown leather tote. I think she noticed that I've been using it all the time that she finally decided to give to me when I left Singapore. T'was her going away gift for me. LOL Thank you, Betch! See you this Thursday! :D

Totally faded jeans by Human: I've had this pair of jeans since 2008. I bought that on impulse coz' of the zipper detail on the front pockets. And it's just a miracle I still fit in 'em. LOL

So that's it! My second LookBook ensemble! 
A little peekaboo.. LOL

the whole look. love it!

Hope that my next LookBook post will be as fabulous as this one. LOL


What's your style? Let me know.
If you don't have any, I can help you! 
*crossing my fingers to get more HYPES!!*


  1. Love this look nows...huhu d ko ka attend s inyo get n lng... :0

  2. Thanks Jacq! Sayang ui wala ka! Pero ine day raman siya diri. Chaka. Hehe. I will tag you! No worries...


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