Sunday, 17 July 2011

My Secret Garden. . .

This is one of my favorite posts in my LookBook. Why? Because, as you can see in the photos. It just speaks casual chic meets fabulosity. LOL. (Smacks 
head for trying to convince everyone it's fabulous when in fact it's not! LOL)

For almost two years now, I've been wearing shorts a lot. I know I'm not gifted with supermodel-FAB/Sports-Illustrated legs (okay, I am!), I don't care coz' wearing shorts is just so relaxed and comfy. I can't remember the last time I wore jeans. And if possible, I don't like wearing jeans coz' it's just too covered, dated and too much trouble if you know. (Emergency #2) LOL

My Secret Garden. . . 
Details. . . .

Pinstripes with embroidery detail - This was just a hand me down top by my good friend. Although this was not hers, she still gave it to me. LOL Reason for giving; it was her exes shirt and she found no use to it so she handed me some of her exes shirt to moi. Lucky me!! LOL This is sort of an interesting shirt to begin with. (I'm not talking about the history!) A classic pinstripes (of diff colors) pattern with an embroidery detail which give the shirt a contemporary finished that suits my taste. LOL I think the embroidery sort of made it gay and so me. LOL Don't know what brand of this shirt. Been PM-ing my friend but I've got no reply. LOL

Shorts by Banana Republic - Khakis are so in this season. Well atleast that's what I think. I've had this pair since February and I had it altered coz' it did not flatter my full/fatty/short legs. (There you go! Happy?! LOL) I had them cut three inches above my knee and viola, a very fun and flirty khakis. LOL

BAG/Shoes/Eyewear - I'm carrying the same bag, wore that same shoes and same geeky skull wayferers. LOL Not much about it coz' I currently can't afford new pairs of shoes. LOL A new handbag and accesories. LOL

Trying to make a call... LOL Well at least I tried. LOL

All photos taken by Yen2x a.k.a. Nita.. Weeee! Thanks bessss...

I think you've all noticed I've used Mariah's lyrics in this particular LookBook post. I just love nature/garden/ and being surrounded with greens and flowers and whenever I'm with nature, the song that plays in my head is Mariah's  Carey Underneath The Stars. So gay right?!

I mean, I guess all of us has our own soundtrack to every little detail that is happening or have happened or will happen and so on. LOL Because we are born musically gifted (LOL) or just plain lunatic. LOL

So here's a YouTube video of  Mariah Carey's "Underneath The Stars." Have fun!


Thank you Yen2x a.k.a. Nita for taking my photos. Love the effort bes! :D

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