Thursday, 28 July 2011

The STREET is my RUNWAY. . .

Yay! My sixth LookBook post! :D

This is all about casual but camera/paparazzi ready look. I'm sure y'all thinking the same thing too. LOL


Striped tee: Rebuplic Basic Tee
Bought this in Malaysia on a "buy one take one" scheme. LOL Again, my bestfriend Sash and I bought the shirt. I think we paid 25 rupees for the shirts. Cheap uh?! LOL Love it! It was a struggle between navy blue and combat green combo and then I had to go with my instincts. WHITE/RED it is!
Jacket from People are People
This is the first time I wore this jacket. Bought this two years ago on an impulse coz' I had lots of moolahs back then. LOL I think the combination of the shirt and the jacket is flawless. LOL Right?!

Shorts: Tag Jeans - DIY
Again, I love buying pieces of clothing that has a nice texture 
and nice detail on it. I specially love the stitching of this pair 
and the back pockets too. Although I have them altered to a smaller size (yup, I'm thin! LOL), but I specifically told my tailor to maintain the stitching 
(In which she copied the original pattern) and I love her so much coz' 
she did it flawlessly. Problem now is I've gained a little weight 
and a it's kinda tight fit right now. 

Shoes: Chucks.
My uber favorite white converse. Why? Because it's classic, trendy and again, one can never go wrong with a pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers.
Bag: Guesss. 
These are not man-bag. I just used this for the shoot. 
This are my friend's bag. The one who took my photo. 
I just used this coz' it goes well with my jacket.

My favortire, Geeky Skull Wayferer
Weeeeee! Always makes my face smaller. LOL 
That's why I use them all the time. LOL

As I always tell my friends, 
one should always be ready for anything on your way. 
Especially if there's a paparazzi snapping a photo of you 
while you do your day-to-day life.  LOL 
I mean, make every moment in your life an opportunity for fashion. 
To always look good despite stressful workday 
or having a crazy relationship with your partner. 
Never let anyone or any circumstance ruin your sense of fashion and style. Right? LOL 
(If you can just see me what I'm wearing while writing this blog! Yikes! LOL) LOL

So this is my RUNWAY for REAL! 


I took off the jacket post photo shoot. LOL

Here's the song I've played on repeat while making this post. 
I just love everything Gwen Stefani
She's my favorite Hollywood mom, artist, performer and FASHIONISTA. 
Always an inspiration to the kind of ensemble I put on all the time. 
Here's her What You Waiting For? video. Enjoy!

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