Thursday, 21 July 2011

SNTF Diet!

Meaty is YUMMY! LOL
After seeing several posts in, suddenly I feel the urge to be bulimic and anorexic again. LOL It made me feel so bad about my body! LOL (Kidding! Err! I am happy the way I am it's just that my belly is like I'm 5months prego! LOL)

I wanna be as thin as Adriana Lima again! :D

People have been telling me to lose some weight. Urgh! LOL My past boytoy, my family, friends and people I just meet online. They all make sweet, caring and truthful comment the need to lose the unwanted, flabby, beer-abs! LOL One friend called me CHUBBY! LOL Love it! I think CHUBBY is a nice way to tell you  you're a FATTY! LOL

With all of these in mind, I wanna start again my STNF Diet! What is SNTF Diet? It's -SAY NO TO FOOD- Diet! I know it's unhealthy and not good. But I think it's the only way to just keep me going in the world of LOOKBOOK! LOL 

Minutes from now my mom will call me for our family dinner. Home-cooked meals with unlimited rice! LOL That I've got to learn to say NO too! Even just for the rice. Urgh! Carbo, why are you so good tasting yet so bad for the figure. WHY?! Tell me. 

I need HELP! LOL Jenny Craig? Belo Medical Clinic? Calayan? Bioessence? Fitness First! LOL


Thank you, Adobe Photoshop for all the help I need to make me look FABULOUS. LOL Kidding!
And I will still eat food coz' I'm a big FOODIE!! 

I attached a video from TLC with their famous song --> UNPRETTY!

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