Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New York On My Mind

Weeeee! my 3rd LOOKBOOK post! :D

All Ukay-Ukay except for the shirt, shoes, Iphone, cardigan, undies and myself. :D LOL
Have I mentioned I love to Ukay-Ukay (second hand shops/flea market/vintage stores)? Besides that it's cheap, the chances of having the same person wearing the same thing you're having is so slim or even ZERO! And it's also chic, one of a kind find/steal/bargain that people don't actually believe you when you tell them it's Ukay-Ukay. LOL (and now people will tell me, "OMG. Don't tell me you're wearing UK again?!" LOL YIKES!!!)

Details on my outfit.

I Heart NY Shirt: Given to me by my Australian sponsor, Meng. She bought this shirt when she visited NYC for a seminar last December of 2010. I never thought the moment she handed me this shirt that I would love it. Because, I'm not much of a white-shirt-kinda-gay nowadays considering I'm a litte fatty at the moment. LOL But I was surprised when I mixed/matched and created sort of a classic blend with this piece. T'was sort of a fun ensemble for me. Love it! Okay, I'm kinda FAT and I'm very much aware of that. So to create an illusion that I'm a bit slimmer. I wore my CARDIGAN sort of a cape and just let hang the sleeves, did not tie it like most people would do. So that cuts/covers/trims my huuuuuge fame. LOL Lurve it! :D 
Photo taken by Yen2x. Location: TBY Gen. Ent Office,  Gen Sales St. Davao City.
Sneaker by Converse: When you're not sure of what shoes to wear. Then wear your Chuck Taylors! Classic and timeless. You'll never go wrong with it. I wore this pair on my bestfriend's wedding years ago after the ceremony, it made a statement. I mean, come on. To break the monotony, gotta have to spice up an ensemble. Add some fun pieces to it. Fashion need not to follow rules what the ceremony/celebration calls for. Fight it. Be a non-conformist. LOL Like my friend use to say, "It's too boring to blend in." So the morale of the story is, make your own statement and style. Be the Lady Gaga in your friend's party! LOL

Danielle B. shorts: This is actually not shorts when I bought this plaid patterned steal in Ukay-Ukay. These were pants. I had them altered in my favorite tailor shop. Weeee! It was a steal. Everything (alteration cost) was just around $6 dollars. LOL 

Vintage Bag: I've had this for 4 years already. Only cost me $4 dollars for this. Another Ukay-Ukay find. LOL It is mutlifunctional. It can serve as a lappy bag, overnighters, beachbag LOL, and many more. This bag has been a good companion in all my travels lately. LOL Love it! If only I know who the manufaturer of this bag, I'd email/call them and have a new one made for me ASAP!

Photo taken by Yen2x. Location: TBY Gen. Ent Office,  Gen Sales St. Davao City.
Cassette Tape Iphone4 case: OMG! When I saw this the first time, I was like so gaga over it! I mean, I used to collect cassette tape albums  of my favorite artist way back. And now, since we don't use 'em anymore. It's sort of a reminder that vintage is fun and fashionable. 

So that's is it. Fashion really is about self-expression. Look at Lady Gaga or Madonna. Blake Lively, Steven Tyler, J.Lo or even Boy Abunda. All of them may or may not appeal to us but they always say something: OWN distinct STYLE. That's why it always bothers me when I see people copying someone else's fashion. However, I don't have a problem with that. LOL As they say, "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery!" But seriously, try to create your own personal style. A style that really speaks and reflects your history/identity/soul/etc and not about what is the hippiest/trendiest look. Just be updated and don't look like you live in the past. LOL Or don't look like you're Lady Gaga or Madonna not unless it's a costume soiree! LOL


I attached a video of my favorite fashion and music icon, Madonna and her song, VOGUE!! Enjoy!!

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  1. I love your outfit!


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