Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tuesdays With Bessies...

This is prolly the most exhausting Tuesday for me. It's not that I'm complaining but a girl needs her beauty rest too. LOL

Lastnight (7/4/2011) I was out with Bessss Mark, Adonis and Waka. Home around 4 in the morning (Love that song. Will play that on repeat tonight! My bedroom lullaby.). We had like two buckets of RH Bills. Videoked from the top of our lungs. All in celebration of Besss Mark's renewal of contract in his employment and 4th of July celebration. (I mean seriously, we always find reason to celebrate even there's no worthwhile reason at all! LOL)

So I went home lastnight around 4am. Had to wake up around 9am for my 10am duty at a friend's company (I'm temping for a week! Weeee!).

Can you get the picture here? I am like a walking (gorgeous) zombie!

But I was so glad coz' we were sent home early, 3 in the afternoon. (Love my shift!) T'was also a fun work day for us (moi & Besss Nita--refer to my previous post who this fab Nita is!) coz' a friend visited and brought us lunch! Thank you Besss Liya!

So I arrived in our house by 3:3Opm. Then right away went straight to bed. Lights turned off, 90's lovesongs playlist played, EF (electric fan LOL) and then suddenly I got a call from my best gayfriend, Mark.  He told me, we're having coffee in Starbucks (Our first time to visit here. For weeks, all of Davao people flocked this place making it too crowded and uninviting. Can't blame the people coz' it's the first time the city has Starbucks Coffee Shop. :D

My Green Tea Frappuccino. .
I still love Green Coffee's Green Tea Freeziccino
My very busy bee bessie benefactor, Mark! Trying to meet his deadline!

No sleep at all but still fresh!
Bumped into two of my fave people,
Ardee (in plaid)of GMA Davao and Rhianne (in lime yellow) of CHDC Hospital

For some reason, I love paperclips. To me, finding one is sort of has a significant meaning.  I am a type that keeps something even if it has no value 
and I always translate it as a lucky charm (Smacks head). I don't know, I think I'm just that crazy. LOL
I found a green paper clip.
Green is the color of money. Weeeeee!
Not one, but two paper clips.
I love it that it's white coz' they just look good together!
(I need to have a green/white ensemble in my LookBook
account. LOL)

After Starbucks, we headed to Green Coffee for another round of tea. This time I just had regular hot mug of green tea. (I did a number TWO after our Starbucks. LOL Although Green Coffee's Green Tea Freeziccino was so tempting. Have to refused. ) I thought It'll be a good match with my Hot and Cheesy Shawarma takeout Rice from Laylam Shawarma in Robinson's. LOL

My very lite dinner. LOL Beef Shawarma Rice and Green Tea.

KC, Waka, moi and Nita! My bessies/benefactors! LOL
With our second round of orders,
Cheesy Blueberry Ensaymada (sinfully delish!) and Tuna Pasta.

Waka, Mark and KC. All GAHI (READ: straight acting! LOL)!
 I'm the only softy in the group. LOL

Waka, Leah, Nita, Mark and KC. My local sponsors. LOL

To all of my bessies, this Tuesday turned out not so exhausting anymore. T'was a fun day with all of you guys. 


I still don't know to use mobile blogspot's photo uploader. Grrrr! This was supposed to be posted hours ago. Errrr!
Anyways, time to sleep!

Enjoy Gwen Stefani's 4 In The Morning. . .
I just love love love love this song. . .
goodnight guys!!

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